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Nolia’s Notes

Lincolnton, a happy ending!

This year I have been watching a lot of the made for tv holiday mov­ies. Within the first five minutes of the show, I have the whole plot and ending, but, I watch anyway. Sometimes, just watching the com­mercial for the show is enough to give the whole thing away.

These shows are sometimes tear jerking but, never end on a sad note. The handsome man gets the beau­tiful girl or princess or whatever. The beautiful leading lady gets the handsome man or prince or what­ever. I know this before I sit down to watch, but, I watch anyway.

I found myself wondering why? Why would I sit for several mind­less hours and watch something with really no suspense or surpris­es? Well, there are several reasons I watch. First of all, the opening scene is usually filled with snow. There is usually peppy music, as well. This puts me in a good mood.

There is always a main charac­ter who lives in the big city, has a high-rise apartment, and is rich! This character, appears to have it all, but is very unhappy, especially at Christmas time. This sad char­acter, for whatever reason, has to leave said city life to go to a small charming town on some business venture. They do not want to go as this trip interferes with their plans and is very inconvenient. They do go to the small town, however.

This small town can be in the north or south, east or west, but, wherever it is, it is charming. The main character slowly discovers the joys of a small town. They meet the love of their life there. This newly found love could be an old high school friend or someone who has previously discovered the joys of living in a small town.

They go to the local small shops and everyone knows who they are. The waitress at the local café knows their families and (usually all of their business) and asks, “Honey, how’s yo’ mama doin’?” Some­times their cell phone doesn’t work and that turns out to be a good thing for them, because, the wrong love interest is trying to get in touch, or a bad business deal falls through.

Anyway, the small town life seems awful at first; no taxi, no su­shi, etc. But soon the main character begins to see that life in a small town is just what they have been looking for all along. They discover real friendships, and family values and the joys of people caring for each other. They smell fresh air, see the stars, attend the local com­munity events, and wonder what took them so long to find such a wonderful life?

By now you have guessed the plot of this writing. Outside of the snow, these small towns remind me of Lincolnton, and that is the other reason I watch these movies. They remind me of what we have here in our small town. We have the good life that so many are missing in the big cities.

Yes, I am sitting here in the Hardee’s parking lot writing this because my Wi-Fi does not work anywhere else in town today, but, I am smiling that I can sit here and see the stars, and wave at friends as they walk and ride past. Just like a Hallmark movie. We have our own happily ever after here in Lincoln­ton!

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