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Expecting angels

Nolia’s NotesBrandon

At this time of year, we pull out Christmas décor to see what decorations we want to use again and what new items of décor might need to be purchased, such as fresh­er bows, etc. There was a small church in a small southern town much like our town of Lincolnton. One year, in November, a group of women in this town thought the church needed some fresh, new decorations for the Christmas sea­son.

They found beautiful life-size angels advertised in a magazine and ordered three of them. When the angels arrived everyone was impressed. Not only were they beautifully painted, but they were lighted from the inside, as well. The ladies circle decided that the best area to place these angels was right in front of the church marquee.

It just so happened that a young woman in the church was expect­ing right around Christmas. The ladies of the church circle planned a community wide shower for the expectant lady. They placed an announcement on the Church mar­quee which read, “Baby Shower this Sunday, all are invited!”

The life-sized angels looked lovely as they were carefully placed next to the marquee. How­ever, that night before the baby shower there was a storm. Water flooded the streets and yards of the small town. The angels positioned in the churchyard must have had a slight hole in the top because they filled up with rain water.

Most of the water accumulated in the stomach area of the angels which made them appear nine months pregnant. Some water, however, accumulated in the face area of the angels which made them look puffy and bloated, much like most expectant moms who are nine months in and ready to deliver.

Well, when the ladies came with the shower refreshments, they were appalled at the appearance of their lovely angels. The preacher soon arrived and quickly punched a hole in each angel which broke their water, so to speak, and immediately deflated the tummy area. The fig­ures toppled over onto the church grounds.

The angel faces, also, deflated and left them with a shriveled pained look as if they had just given birth after hours of being in labor. The angels were quickly removed and most guests never saw the drama unfold that morning.

The shower was absolutely lovely and a little angel was soon delivered to the honored expectant mom. Other decorations came and went over the years, but none as eventful as the expecting angels!

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