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Goldman, Hamrick, Cliatt graduate from training program

Power’s Matt Forshee (left) and Georgia Electric Cooperation’s Araina Reaves (right) congrat­ulate Lincoln County graduates (l-r) Matthew Goldman, Denise Hamrick and Cooper Cliatt. Power’s Matt Forshee (left) and Georgia Electric Cooperation’s Araina Reaves (right) congrat­ulate Lincoln County graduates (l-r) Matthew Goldman, Denise Hamrick and Cooper Cliatt. Matthew Goldman, Denise Hamrick, and Cooper Cliatt have graduated from the Georgia Acad­emy for Economic Development’s 2018 Region 7 Multi-Day Training Program. Class participants rep­resented several professional and non-professional economic devel­opment fields, including elected officials, public servants, business leaders, educators, and social ser­vice providers from 11 counties in the Central Savannah River Area of Georgia.

The Academy provided each of the graduates an opportunity to gain a unique understanding of the complexities of economic and com­munity development on the local, regional, and state levels.

Created in 1993, the academy as­sembles a cross section of econom­ic development professionals and resources to provide this training in all 12 service delivery regions in Georgia. The board of directors of the academy represents public and private economic development organizations and agencies from across Georgia. Since its organi­zation, the academy has provided training for thousands of profes­sional and non-professional eco­nomic developers around the state, and since 1998 has been offered an­nually in all 12 regions of the state. Georgia EMC and Georgia Power provide facilitators for the program, and the Georgia Department of Community Affairs provides staff support.

Georgia EMC’s Vice President of Community and Economic De­velopment (CED) Pat B. Merritt says, “Our Community Develop­ment team is proud to partner with and provide facilitation and presen­tation services on behalf of Geor­Georgia gia’s electric membership coopera­tives. Involved since its inception, the team’s work with the academy graduates has enhanced levels of leadership capacity and community development preparedness for con­tinued economic development prog­ress throughout the region.” In Re­gion 7, CED cooperative members are Jefferson Energy Cooperative, Planters EMC, and Rayle EMC.

“Georgia Power continues to play a major role in the State’s economic development. The academy partici­pants build relationships, share best practices, and learn about important issues and challenges facing our communities. We’re proud to be a partner in this important effort, preparing our leaders for continued economic growth throughout the state,” Georgia Power Company Community Development Manager Kristy Rachal said.

“One of the goals for the multi- day regional Academies is to en­courage multi-county cooperation,” said Corinne Thornton, Director of the Georgia Academy for Econom­ic Development. “Many times, the participants discover the issues fac­ing their community are the same as those facing other communities in the region and can then combine limited resources to address the is­sue.”

The academy’s multi-day pro­gram, taught one day a month over a four-month period, includes training in the basics of economic and community development, plus specialized segments on business recruitment and retention, tourism product development, downtown development, planning, and other essentials for community success. In addition, the curriculum features specific leadership skills such as consensus building, ethics in pub­lic service, collaborative leader­Michelle ship and other segments needed for effective community leadership in economic development. Local elected officials may receive certi­fication training credits through the Association County Commission­ers of Georgia and the Georgia Mu­nicipal Association for completion of this program.

The next Region 7 Georgia Acad­emy for Economic Development will begin in August 2019. For more information, contact Tina Hutcheson at 478-278-9434 or by email at tina.hutcheson@dca. ga.gov.

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