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City agrees on sidewalk improvements, adds Veterans Day as approved holiday

By KAY TOTO staff writer

The October meeting of the Lin­colnton City Council was largely uneventful, with Lincolnton Mayor Henry Brown first addressing the TE Phase III project. TE Phase III is a GDOT transportation enhance­ment grant for sidewalk improve­ments.

“As everyone is aware, we had attempted to make some changes to the TE Phase III project to include work on Humphrey Street. Unfor­tunately, we could not get enough people to agree to the easements,” he said.

The mayor then read a letter from Engineer John McClellan, stating in part that they were unable to acquire the necessary easements from the residents along Humphrey Street between Peachtree Street and State Route 43. Therefore, they have considered an alternative loca­tion for the city to use its allocated T funds. In looking at these loca­tions, additional surveying, engi­neering design, and environmental studies required by the Georgia De­partment of Transportation would have to be done and the cost would be prohibitive, requiring additional city funds. Also, the city would be required to relocate the water line along Goshen Street, as T funds cannot be used for that purpose. The letter went on to state that they had attached an updated cost esti­mate of the TE Phase III project for Goshen Street only. This revised budget is less than the original bud­get of $281,250.

“I know most people are on board with this; I would like a mo­tion from the council so that we can go ahead with Goshen Street only,” said Brown. The motion was made and approved.

Councilman Larry Goolsby rec­ommended the addition of Veterans Day to the list of approved holidays. Motion was made and approved.

Police Chief Brandon Lively sub­mitted his September report to the council. In the report, he indicated the Lincolnton Police Department answered 312 calls for service in September. These calls included 39 incident reports, 62 miscellaneous calls, four accident reports, and 18 vehicle unlocks. He also report­ed 21 citations and 46 warnings. Lively also remarked that currently there is an open, full-time position available, as Officer Missy Gold­man resigned from the department effective September 30, 2018. Sev­eral applications have already been received.

Lincolnton Fire Chief Matt Gold­man reported that the Lincolnton Fire Department responded to three calls for the month of September. The three calls were detailed as a stove fire, a brush fire, and a utility pole on fire. He also remarked that Jamie Lewis has been appointed Assistant Fire Chief.

Building and Code Enforcement official, Robbie Crook submitted to the board details that the Planning and Zoning Department had issued nine building permits and 12 in­spections on building permits. Total permits issued netted $347.

Ben Alligood submitted the September progress report on the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Once again, his report was very detailed as to work started and completed, water samples taken, and regular maintenance as well. Further, Al­ligood reported the wastewater treatment plant had an approxi­mate influent for Lincoln County of 426,000 gallons; while the city had an influent of approximately 3.2 million gallons; and a treated effluent/discharge of 3,594,000 gal­lons. Rainfall was reported at 4.475 inches.

The Water Department report for the month of September was sub­mitted by Adam Minyard, and it stated that the department produced 15.8 million gallons, and received a total of 2.40 inches of rainfall. There were eight meters reported on the cutoff list. The total number of gallons produced was 15,814,200, with the total sent to distribution of 14,422,400. The report detailed that 377,800 was sent to the lake.

Mention was also made of the recent floor leak and the action tak­en to resolve the issue. Also men­tioned by Goolsby was the repaint­ing of the “Red Devils” water tank. He suggested that the bids for the repainting be requested in January, to be opened at the February meet­ing, with the actual painting done in the early spring, once the weather warms.

The council also approved a new alcohol license for Richard Gools­by for a business to be opened on Main Street.

The council also approved re­quirements that City residents must adhere to for yard debris pickups. A letter will be sent to residents of the city with the specifications re­quired.

The council noted that the mill­age rate did not change and was approved at the rate of 7.10. The council was also given a copy of the proposed 2018-2019 budget, total­ing $1,096,643.52, which was not voted upon. It was stressed that this is a proposed budget, and will likely have revisions before approval.

The Council then entered Execu­tive Session to discuss legal matters and personnel. There was no vote taken once council returned.

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