2018-10-04 / People

Search for Life in Solar System will be explored at OLLI session

“The Search for Life in the Solar System” will be the topic explored at the Washington Affiliate, OLLI@ UGA session at 2 p.m. on Monday, October 8, at the Episcopal Church of the Mediator Parish House in Washington.

One of the major objectives of our current exploration of the solar system is to answer the age-old question of whether life exists on any of the moons or planets besides earth. To date no definitive evidence of life has yet been found, although we know of several moons and plan­ets that are or may have been once habitable. This session will describe some of these planetary bodies and explain why we think life may be present or may have once existed.

Presenter David Wenner, although recently retired from the Geol­ogy Department at the University of Georgia, continues to teach in UGA’s summer Interdisciplinary Field program. His love of the planetary sciences originated at Caltech at the time in the forefront of training Apollo astronauts. While at UGA, Wenner undertook terrestrial analog studies in Iceland in sup­port of the Mars Viking program. Wenner earned his Bachelor of Sci­ence in chemistry at the University of Cincinnati in l963 and a PhD in geochemistry and geology from Caltech in l971.

For more information about this program, contact Joe Harris at 706- 678-2818 or by email at jharriswa­fia@ nu-z.net.

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