2018-10-04 / People

Clean Weight Gain

Nolia’s Notes

I have always greatly respected scientists. I pay attention to studies, because, in the past I have thought the information would be helpful. Now I am not so sure.

I heard that certain oils were better to eat than others and certain foods were not recommended for a healthy lifestyle, such as the egg issue. Are they bad or good for us to eat? Re­cently, however, I heard something that “takes the cake”! The news was on TV the other day and I was passing through the room when I heard, “Stay tuned for an important discovery about gaining weight.” Well, that caught my attention as I, like so many folks struggle with weight issues.

I sat through a myriad of commer­cials and then finally they got back to the news at hand. Seems cleaning products make you fat! I always thought cleaning products made you dead! To be fair, they didn’t say to eat the cleaning products, from what I understand they said just having the cleaning products around could make children fat.

Now people I am not imagining this. You should Google it. It was on a local news station, not in a tabloid, and I have since Googled it myself. If this is true, what a revelation! I wish my mother were alive. I would have called her immediately and told her about it. All those years she drank Metrecal, grapefruit juice, and struggled with her weight, she just needed to throw away the soaps and bleach and she would have probably been Audrey Hepburn thin! Who knew?

There is an implication here that America must be the cleanest country on earth as studies show the average American could stand to lose a few pounds. Let’s face it, we are a fluffy group of folks here in the USA. Most likely, according to this study, this fluffiness is due to being so clean.

I am now thinking this could im­pact holiday plans in a good way, big meals with no housecleaning! I think I could go for that idea! Now every time I pass the laundry room and look at all the sprays, soaps, and cleaning products on the shelf, my mind plays tricks on me and I see chocolate brownies and pecan pies sitting there. At the grocery store I am now avoiding the cleaning product isle because you just never know. Better be safe than sorry, as they say!

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