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Lincolnton UMC will host its first Blessing of the Bikes and Bikers

Senior pastor, Randy Kanipe and the congregation of Lincolnton United Methodist Church will be hosting their first "Blessing of the Bikes and Bikers" service at 10:45 a.m., on Sunday, September 23.

The service is open to the entire community and especially to all those in Lincoln and surrounding counties who have, own, and or love riding motorcycles. The ser­vice itself will be an opportunity for the community to gather, meet and greet, and hear an encouraging word from scripture. Then, bikers and their bikes will receive bless­ings from the senior pastor. All are invited to a blessing lunch follow­ing the service.

“We are doing this for several reasons,” Kanipe said. “First, the fall season is when bikers love to get back out on the open road. The days are cooler, the air is clearer, and the scenery is stunning. Along with more bikers on the road, cag­ers (car drivers) also take to the highways to enjoy the same thing. With more bikers and cagers on the road, we hope to increase aware­ness that ‘motorcycles are every­where’ and to encourage all cagers to watch out for one another. We also hope to build trust between the two communities, build relation­The ships, and celebrate the passions that we share.”

Special parking will be reserved for bikes only, and parking lot at­tendants will be on duty to watch over all the bikes during the ser­vice ensuring that bikes will be kept safe. Bikers are encouraged to come to church “just as you ride your motorcycles,” with full leather gear and all.

“This includes cruisers, sport bik­ers, and the rest,” Kanipe explained. “Motorcycle and riding clubs are also invited, but we kindly request that all colors be discrete or not worn during worship time out of respect for all. Colors can be worn during the blessing of the bikes and bikers, which will take place out­side with all the bikes.”

Bikers will receive a complimen­tary copy of the "Biker's Prayer" to keep in their saddlebags. Cag­ers will receive cards and bumper stickers which read "Look Twice, Save A Life."

“All motorcyclists are invited and encouraged to attend. motocross, cruisers, sport bikers, riders, drag­on tamers, and the rest are all wel­come,” Kanipe said. “Any Sunday, but especially that Sunday. We hope to make this an annual celebration leading into the fall of the year.”

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