2018-08-09 / People

Leathersville News

By Mrs. William Bentley

lElaine Timmerman came Thurs­day. We went to town and took care of business. We then returned home and had lunch. Her visit was enjoyed, always wonderful to see family and so good to have them to help take care of us. l Lisa and Chuck Mahaffey came on Saturday. So nice to have family who care enough to help out. l Jane Young and Nancy Ha­nosach visited on Sunday after­noon. So good to see someone from home. l David Dukes visited Marion Cliatt on Wednesday. l John Paulson visited Marion and Hilda Cliatt on Thursday. l Audrey Crump, Missy and Ad­dison Crump visited Audrey’s sis­ter, Dean Anderson, on Saturday. l Donna Abel celebrated her birthday last week. Her husband, Kenneth Abel, attended with her son, Tim and Pam Abel from Guy­ton. l Kenneth and Donna Abel spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Guyton, Georgia with their son, Tim Abel and his wife, Pam. l Preston Jewel visited Kenneth and Donna Abel on Wednesday. l Pam Watson visited her par­ents, Kenneth and Donna Abel, on Thursday. l Lee Quarles spent Wednesday night with Jan Smalley. Chris and Deana Quarles came on Thursday to pick up Lee. l Carla Dornberg, Ellie Grace Young, Mandy Rogers, Judy Webb, Jane Young, and Nancy Hanosack have all been visitors of Jan Smal­ley. l Kerry Whitener and Jan Smal­ley were supper guests of Mandy and Brad Rogers on Sunday night. Al Young was also a guest in the home.

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