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Tax assessors office releases tax digest, notices to property owners go out soon

The end result of the Lincoln County Board of Tax Assessor’s revaluation plan, which was com­pleted with the help from Georgia Mass Appraisal Solutions and Ser­vices (GMASS), may not be wel­come news to some. According to their report, it appears that property values have increased.

The report, given in a recent called meeting of the Lincoln County Tax Assessors, shows that the real value of 4,037 properties has increased, while 4,038 proper­ties has decreased, and 492 show no change. On average, the largest percentage of increase seems to be on agricultural properties at 14 percent. Commercial properties are shown to be the next largest increase at six percent, residential properties increased three percent, and industrial properties remained with no increase or decrease.

Surveyors with GMASS have worked over three years compiling data for the new tax digest.

What many people do not real­ize is that all the tax assessor does is determine the value of property. That data is then sent to the tax commissioner and complied as the county’s tax digest. This digest is the total value of all property subject to taxation. The digest is then sent to the Lincoln County Board of Education, the Lincoln County Board of Commission­ers, the Developmental Authority, and the Lincolnton City Council. Property in Georgia is assessed at 40 percent of the fair market value, unless otherwise specified by law. That 40 percent, multiplied by the millage rates to be set by the Board of Commissioners, results in tax bill amounts property owners will receive in the mail.

“We make every effort to assure that the property values are fairly, uniformly, and accurately assessed throughout the county,” said Kenny Adair, Chief Appraiser of the Board of Tax Assessors.

A letter will go out to property owners in the next few weeks in­forming them of their assessment. Owners have 45 days from the date of the notice to appeal, and are encouraged to do so if they believe the assessment is incorrect. Forms for the appeal process can be found at https://dor.georgia.gov/ real-and-personal-property-forms- and-applications or at the office of the Lincoln County Board of Tax Assessors, located at 182 Hum­phrey Street.

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