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Freshman orientation offered for first time at LCHS July 26

For the first time, Lincoln County Schools will have a freshman ori­entation program for incoming freshmen. There have been meetings before with them, but not a day to work one-on-one with them prior to starting high school. Officials at the school hope this course will facili­tate the transition from the middle school to the high school. Orienta­tion will start at 8 a.m. on Thursday, July 26, and will end at 5 p.m., with breakfast and lunch included.

The program uses a team ap­proach, and will be conducted in an entertaining way that involves incoming freshmen in fun activities as well as instructional ones.

There are skills identified by the high school faculty that are essential for success at all levels of instruc­tion. These skills include personal decision making, goal setting, re­search, team building, organization and time management, problem solving, technological expertise, and the responsibility that comes with the first year in high school.

Although Lincoln County schools are already “blended,” with many of the rising freshmen already knowing the layout of the classrooms, the teacher’s names, etc., the freshmen may still feel anxious going from a situation of being the oldest middle school students to the youngest high schoolers. The staff at the high school hopes that this orientation will help.

There will be fun events through­out the day, such as a scavenger hunt, physical activity, and “Writing a Letter to Yourself.”

The handbook will be discussed, from learning how to use the online calendar, website, and email, to extra-curricular activities, the dress code, and dual enrollment. The stu­dents will be made aware of valuable online tools, such as Georgia Career Information System (GCIS.)

Students will gain knowledge of high school expectations and develop skills that will assist them throughout their high school careers and beyond. Freshmen will meet teachers who usually have higher academic expectations than their previous school teachers, and will learn how to prepare for those as­signments. However, students will also be made aware of the many clubs and activities offered at the high school for entertainment and personal growth.

Orientation will also allow the freshmen to sit down with a coun­selor to set up schedules, to receive valuable advice about courses to be taken, and to get their Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program (ADAP) card. There will also be a tour of the high school, and later, a question and answer session with the alumni.

If you ask incoming freshman, graduation seems an eternity away, but starting the basics even at this time in their life will pave the way towards an awareness of life after graduation. There will always be young men and women who move effortlessly through life, seemingly with no worries. For the rest, a one- on-one orientation, for just the freshmen, and no one else, may give those students a better understand­ing that this is just another transition in life, and one to be welcomed.

There will be a parents meeting with Principal Dr. Howie Gunby at 5 p.m.

Participation in this event is strongly recommended, and you can register at http://lchs.lincolncounty­schools.org/. A “freshman orienta­tion” link has been posted under the students tab, but you must register by Monday, July 23. For more in­formation, call the high school with questions at 706-359-3121.

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