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Graduates share visions of their futures with readers

Just before the end of the year at Lincoln County High School, The Lincoln Journal asked the Class of 2018 to share their thoughts and dreams on what life has in store for them. Some answers were pretty much what we all might have said; some may bring a smile; and some are pretty thought-provoking.

The seniors had to choose one question from two given, and here are their answers:

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Five years from now, I see myself as a certified flight paramedic, work­ing in the back of a Medevac heli­copter performing life-saving medi­cal intervention on the wounded and ill in desperate need. I’ll hopefully be dedicating my time to earning a BSN and volunteering to help those in need.

–Justin Sward

I see myself making at least a million dollars a year with my wife standing strong by my side. I have great expectations for myself and I refuse to let myself down.

–Ja’mal Norman

If all goes well, I see myself professionally producing music. I have always wanted to be a music producer for aspiring and success­ful artists. I am working hard to get there and cannot wait to see how everything unfolds. I love to travel. If I had no financial problems, I would be traveling for work. I love Lincoln County, but I also want to see more.

– Lane Vrell

As beginning my first year of employment after college, I hope to receive my bachelors in science in nursing. Living in Augusta, Georgia, or in some other community close to home. Always coming back to check up on my dogs, then family. Becoming a nurse practitioner in the most suitable for my upcoming future in the next five years.

– Zachary Alex Dixon

I see myself in five years with a bachelor’s degree in nursing and using that degree working at a hospital or doctor’s office.

– Elizabeth Montero

In college playing football, red shirt senior.

– Gerard Hearst

I see myself doing something I enjoy and making a living in five years.

– Torri Norman

I would have completed an as­sociate’s degree as a vet technician from Purdue Technical College. I would have been through Lander University with a major in biology with a minor in pre-vet. Finally at Clemson University at the college of animal science, finishing up with a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine.

– Becca Lagoon

In five years I see myself still in school. Four of those years I would be done with my university and I would be in dental school.

–Nautica Booker

In five years I see my graduating from college and living a great life and starting a family.

– Travon Leverett

I hope to see myself already graduated from college, have my own house, and a good job. I hope that I might even have a significant other to make me happy and help me grow closer to the Lord.

– Mackenzie Jordan

In five years I hope to see myself teaching English on the high school level, hopefully finishing up my master’s degree. I hope to be estab­lished and financially stable with a happy family.

–Hunter Creswell

I see myself in five years still in the military, for the Army, being active, and going from state-to-state seeing things no one else will think of seeing.

–Riccardo Hawes

I see myself being very successful owning my own business. Hope­fully I am in the league by then but you always have to be have a back- up plan so having my own trucking business is what I’m going to do.

– Midarious Roberts

In five years I see myself having graduated from Georgia Southern University with a mechanical engi­neering degree. I plan to be living in Mooresville, North Carolina, while working at hopefully Stewart-Haas racing or Penske racing. I see myself being an engineer there or possibly a crew chief for the teams.

– Chandler Collier

I will have graduated with a de­gree in finance and will be working on becoming a financial advisor at a prestigious firm.

–Colby R. Jenkins

In five years from now, I see my­self with a bachelor’s degree and working towards nursing school. I hope to have my own place and to start settling down. I also wish to have a good part-time or full-time job in the nursing field.

–Savannah Grey

Five years from now I see myself graduated from college and having my own business doing hair.

–Shayla Beard

In five years, I would be fresh out of college. I will start working to get my dream job I hope to be working in movies doing special effects.

– Macy O’Neill

I see myself in five years finishing my degree and working on planes in the Atlanta airport.

– Austin Jones

I see myself in nursing school to obtain the highest level of nursing degree. My desire is to work in a hospital to offer my skills to those in need.

– Roikayla Tennant

Where I see myself five years from now is working in my own cy­bersecurity firm. Hopefully I would be successful enough to give back to beautiful Lincoln County. Not only giving back financially, but protect­ing the country that I love with my cybersecurity team.

– Chase Murray

In five years, I see myself finish­ing nursing school. I also see myself having a part-time or full-time job so I can have my own home and eventually I will start settling down in order to start a family of my own.

– Brook Romines

I see myself graduating college as a health science major in radia­tion therapy. I plan to get a job at Augusta University. My main goal is to help people and keep a smile on everyone’s face.

–Brandie Parks

Hopefully I will have a career by then and I will have met the girl that I want to spend my life with. I will hopefully have my own house and vehicle.

–Jonathan Montgomery

In five years, I see myself in graduate school, preparing for my career. My education is important to me, for I hope to be doing well in school and being well on my way to starting my career as a pharmacist.

–Savannah Cliatt

Five years from now, I see myself graduating from the University of Georgia with two degrees in Civil Engineering and Business. I have not decided what I plan to do after college, but I plan on doing intern­Graduates ships in college to give me ideas of certain jobs that I would like to pursue.

–Emily Partridge

The second question:

If money were not an issue, would you stay in Lincoln County? Or would you move far away? Why?

If money were not an issue I prob­ably would stay in Lincoln County. The reasons why I would stay are we have good small town values. We live in a community where everyone knows who you are, and education and academic success are normal things. I feel like Lincoln County will be a good place to grow up and start a family,

–Demontrez Ivey

Although Lincoln County has been good to me the past two years I have lived here, I would not choose to reside in this area. Lincolnton is a good place in terms of the loca­tion and people who make up the community, but I wish to expand my radius and travel the world as I graduate college. Also, I would like to live in a larger area in order to have more opportunities and experiences.

– Lindsey Montero

I would move far away from Lincoln County because it’s really no jobs down here and it’s boring. I’d like to move so I can find a good house and good paying job for my family.

– Tee Wynn

I would stay in Lincoln County. I’ve always enjoyed living in this town because the community is friendly and the area is beautiful. The school system here is pretty great and this town is also good if you like to keep to yourself.

– Taylor Thurmond

If money were not an issue I would still move far away I want to move and start a new life.

–Summer Harmon

No, I wouldn’t stay. I would ac­tually prefer to live in an entirely different country.

–Anthony Criscione

I am going to leave. More job opportunities, go somewhere where nobody knows me, and I can start new. I am tired of this small town drama when everybody thinks they know everything and is all in your business.

–T.J. Paradise

I would stay because I like the privacy.

–Zach Beal

Even if money was an issue I am still going to leave. The only thing in Lincoln County is school and restau­rants. Lincoln County is comparable to quicksand. If you hang around too long it will eventually suck you in and you will be stuck. I am moving far away on everything.

–Jonathan Young

For sure I love Lincoln County. This place is my forever home. Moving here from Maryland was a big difference and I will never go back to big city ever again. I love the lake and the community.

–Jackson Barnes

I would move away from Lincoln County. There isn’t much here. There are so many more things out there than just Lincoln County. I want to move away and go to Cali­fornia with my little family that I want to have. I would move away from Lincoln County if money wasn’t the issue.

–Mallie Erin Chalker

No, I will not be staying in Lin­colnton. I will be in Atlanta or Flor­ida. I want to experience something else besides the country.

– Leslie Manson

If money were not an issue I would not stay in Lincoln County. I would love to live in a bigger city if given the option. I love Lincolnton and it will always be my hometown. This place has given me amazing opportunities, but I’d love to find more in another place someday.

–Gina Sutton

I would like to get out of Lin­colnton, broaden my perspective, but eventually come back. I think Lincoln County’s community and schools are the best environment to raise kids.

–William Leroy

I would stay in Lincoln County, because everything you do is pro­tected by the county. The small town protects you without you even being aware.

–Jessica Hahn

I believe that small towns are the perfect place to grow up, so I defi­nitely believe that I want to come back to a town like Lincolnton. I also want to explore the possibilities of living in a larger city while I’m young, though.

–Brandtley Vickery

I would move away because there are more job opportunities in big­ger cities. I wouldn’t move too far away because I want to be close to my family. For my career path that I have chosen, I feel that I would find more jobs suitable to me outside of Lincoln County. Lincolnton will always have a special place in my heart no matter where I end up.

–Jesse Partridge

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