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County’s revamped website promises frequent updates

Members of the Lincoln Coun­ty Board of Commissioners have been talking about the new web­site under construction for the county since 2017. After several months of planning, hard work and dedication, the new website is finally up and running, or as they say, “live.”

Director of Technology and Media Services Austin Dockery has managed to put together the new website while keeping costs as low as possible. The new site is with content that would rival any other county the size of Lin­coln County.

“The website was done com­pletely in-house. We kept costs to a minimum, spending approx­imately $200 to keep it up and running for the next two years,” said Chairman Walker Norman. “Furthermore, we are going to keep the content current. All de­partment heads are to provide content weekly to the IT depart­ment, and Dockery will upload it to the website,” said Norman.

The new website, www.lin­colncountyga.com was built with Lincoln County residents in mind. The streamlined pages provide an interactive experi­ence, allowing all people to eas­ily find pertinent information, plus a lot more. From the home page, showing Clarks Hill Lake, with the county’s tagline, “Geor­gia’s Freshwater Coast,” the visitor can “click” to watch the board of commissioner’s month­ly meetings, which are recorded by Dockery as well.

Browsers can read the county’s comprehensive plan, sign up for CODE RED alerts, and even print out employment applica­tions. Most of the departments have a least one email address, so you can contact them this way, as well as by telephone. On the sheriff’s site, you can also find helpful links to information to protect the visitor and family.

The county government, in an effort to make a positive impact in the community, invites the public to share the website on social media so that all residents in the county are aware of the change

“We hope that you enjoy the fresh look and feel of our up­dated website and find that this serves as a valuable resource for you,” said Norman. “We want to thank Dockery for his hard work and dedication.”

The new website provides incoming visitors with an eas­ier way to learn about Lincoln County’s services and solutions, and also allows each visitor to browse information based on his or her needs. Information is now more readily available than ever before.

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