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Residents invited to beach parties at Elijah Clark

Who remembers Elijah Clark State Park in its heyday? For baby- boomers, it was the place to be. The brain could focus on one thing only; catching a ride to the park during summer vacation. Memo­ries of cute teenage boys meeting cute teenage girls at the putt-putt there, swimming and hanging out in the chained swimming area, or going down to the point, listening to the Beach Boys or the Beatles on your transistor radio. You had to be careful to wear your flip-flops though, or you might cut your heel on a pop-top and have to cruise on back home.

That was summer teenage life in the 1960s and 70s.

Friends of Elijah Clark State Park are making an effort to recre­ate those “good, good, good vibra­tions” by starting a 2018 version of those days. Everyone is invited to come out and listen to the old­ies music, sit at the picnic tables, and enjoy the beautiful views of the park which have only improved over time.

The “beach party” will continue every Friday and Saturday night in June and July from 5-9 p.m. Orga­nizers are hopeful that many chil­dren and grandchildren will also be brought out to continue those heirloom memories. Perhaps the boomers can win a game of putt- putt against the kids and grandkids, establishing bragging rights for a week or two.

For more information, call Nolia Biggerstaff at 941-661-6695.

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