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GMASS completes reassessment, re-evaluations expected by July 1

The final year of the Lincoln County Board of Tax Assessor’s revaluation plan has been complet­ed with Georgia Mass Appraisal Solutions and Services (GMASS), the company contracted to perform the reassessment.

“GMASS has completed the task of actively checking all the property in the county to accu­rately verify what buildings and building improvements are physi­cally there, and also to verify those that have been removed in all the parcels,” Lincoln County’s Chief Appraiser Kenny Adair said. “GMASS is now in the phase of recalculating all the property val­ues and updating all data for their final report.”

Surveyors with GMASS have worked over three years compil­ing data and making photographs to update the online system. Each year of the reassessment, surveyors inspected thr three classifications of properties, which are neighbor­hoods, rural country properties, and parts of the city.

Adair commented he has been working closely with GMASS, and will continue over the next month in order to have the re-evaluations completed by July 1 in order for property owners to begin receiving their assessments in the mail. The new assessment should be ready in time for the 2018 tax digest.

The tax digest is the total value of all property subject to taxation as determined by the tax assessor. Property in Georgia is assessed at 40 percent of the fair market value, unless otherwise specified by law. The economy, as well as state and local policies, impact the size of the net digest.

The digest is paramount in im­portance as it helps to determine the millage rate for property own­ers in the county, according to Adair. The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners has struggled with the upcoming budget woes recently, and the new figures could go a long way in distributing tax increases – if any – fairly.

GMASS has worked with coun­ties across the state of Georgia. Within the past five years, GMASS has completed contracts with El­bert and Oglethorpe, as well as work with Wilkes County in 2007. It is certified by the Department of Revenue, the Georgia Real Estate Appraisers Board, and Esri geo­graphic information systems, as well as being experienced in mul­tiple CAMA systems.

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