2018-06-07 / Front Page

Commissioners vote to absorb a portion of premium increase

As reported two weeks ago, the cost of health insurance for county employees is going up dramatical­ly. The minimum amount mandated by the Affordability Act to be paid to the insurance company by the county is $580, which is a manda­tory increase of $80 monthly, with the employee paying the differ­ence. The lowest-priced package option would still mean the em­ployee would have to pay an addi­tional $45.38 out of their paycheck. More importantly, open enrollment – and a decision – has to be made this month, in June.

Discussion and resolution of this increase in insurance was held at a called meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners Thursday, May 31.

The board struggled with the in­crease and the knowledge that bud­get deficits loom on the horizon. Various options were discussed, with at least one motion dying for lack of support. There was finally support for a compromise -- that the county would pay $600, an increase of $20 over the minimum, thereby reducing the amount employees will have to pay to $94.32 a month. While not the best accommoda­tion for the employee, the board felt that, given the current financial situation, this solution would be best overall. The motion was made, seconded, and approved.

Once the called meeting end­ed, the board went directly into a workshop to discuss the 2018-2019 tentative budget.

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