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Council gives Mayor Brown authority to sign resolution for adoption of JCP

By KAY TOTO staff writer

The City of Lincolnton has moved one step closer to resolving at least part of the ongoing dispute with the county. In its regular May meeting, the Lincolnton City Council voted to give Mayor Henry Brown the authori­ty to sign a resolution for the adoption of the Joint Comprehensive Plan.

The Services Delivery Strategy (SDS) is part of this plan, and must be signed by both the city and the county to be in compliance under the CSRA Regional Commission. The resolution, should the mayor sign it, will allow both governments, city and county, to go forward and be in compliance with the state, paving the way for them to request and receive grant money. The water issue, how­ever, is still in dispute and will be settled in court.

The SDS must be updated when­ever there are changes, or if it has been 10 years since the most recent agreement was filed. Both the county and the city must be in agreement. Currently, the City of Lincolnton and Lincoln County are now in non- compliance with the state.

According to the Georgia Depart­ment of Community Affairs, SDS is required by Georgia law in order to give local governments and authori­ties the opportunity to reach agree­ment on the delivery of services in an effective and cost-efficient manner. The intent of the Act is to provide a framework for those governments and authorities to agree on service de­livery arrangements, to minimize any duplication or competition among them providing local services, and to provide a method of resolving disputes among service providers regarding service delivery, funding equity, and land use.

Further, without an SDS, a local government or respective authority will not be eligible to receive any state permits or financial assistance. In addition, any local projects that are not consistent with the strategy will not receive any state permits or financial assistance.

Chief Brandon Lively reported that the Lincolnton Police Department an­swered 305 calls to service through­out April. These calls included 23 incident reports, 62 miscellaneous calls, and three accident reports. Lively also noted that Hogan Street has not improved with recent rain totals, causing further issues.

The new patrol car is now in ser­vice, and currently out on patrol. The car that it replaced, while not on active duty, will be kept and used as a backup vehicle, as there were several repairs done on it recently, Lively stated.

Councilman Kyle Reese took a moment to commend Lively for his part in the combined effort of the police and the sheriff’s office work­ing together seamlessly during the recent visit of The Wall That Heals. “I just want to say I saw the police department and the county working together. There were officers that were not on duty that turned out to help. It was something to see, and it was impressive. I just want to thank you,” said Reese.

Building and Code Enforcement Official Jim Farrand reported there were two issues for the council to discuss. First, there was a variance re­quest in reference to a property at 148 Elam Avenue. Rebecca Tarver came before the board to ask that a 0.24- acre parcel of that land be cut out. The city requires a parcel be at least 0.34 acre. Also attending was a neighbor, Chad Freemen, whose property bor­dered the parcel. Freemen was also in favor of the division.

The recommendation was made by the Planning and Zoning Department to allow this division and accept the nonconforming parcel division. The request was approved by council. This division will not change the zoning. It will remain as an R-1 (residential) parcel of land.

The second issue Farrand presented referred to 286 S. Peachtree Street, a property owned by Hani Mus­sad. Although zoned commercial, the council granted a special use permit that allowed Mussad to use the property as residential, as long as he met certain conditions. One of the conditions dictated the owner must re-apply, in writing, every 24 months for the special permit to be extended. However, the request came several months late. Since the permit expired, the property reverted back to commercial status. Since the owner did not apply during the time frame, the permit will have to be re-issued and the fee paid.

In other matters, Farrand reported that the Planning and Zoning De­partment had issued nine building permits and had one conditional use application for a total of $407. There were also 11 inspections on building permits; two plat approvals, two certificates of occupancy issued; one planning and zoning board; 22 meetings with property owners were conducted; and there were three violations reported, with three com­plaints/ violations closed.

The city also adopted septage receiving rates for the receiving of waste from septic pump trucks, ef­fective May 1. The plant is not yet operational; when it is put into opera­tion, any waste collected in Lincoln County must, by law, be delivered to the City of Lincolnton’s wastewater plant.

Ben Alligood reported that the wastewater treatment plant had an approximate influent of 584,000 gal­lons; a city influent of 6.7 million gal­lons; and a treated effluent/discharge of 7,254,800 gallons.

As a part of his departmental report, Adam Minyard recorded that the wa­ter treatment plant produced 14.1 mil­lion gallons, and received a total of 4.35 inches of rainfall over the month of April. He also reported that there were eight meters to turn off on the cutoff list, and that his crew repaired a service line on Sunrise Drive with the help of Ashlind Contractors.

Further, council inspected the new application to be used for water/sewer service. The form lists the possible additional charges that a customer may incur in the installation of water or sewer lines. There was discussion on whether the minimum monthly amount should be levied on dormant meters – meters that are available, but not used. The mayor then appointed a committee to research what might be considered an acceptable charge for a dormant meter and report back at the June meeting.

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