2018-03-06 / People

Leathersville News

By Mrs. William Bentley

l Hilda Cliatt visited Tuesday. We really enjoy our friends visiting with us. It sure helps to pass the day for us. l Anne Wright came Wednesday and carried me to Augusta with her for some shopping and for lunch to­gether. We enjoyed our day together. Family is very special to me. l Freddie and Sheila Bentley visited Friday afternoon. So good to have church family visit. It means so much to be remembered. l Lisa Mahaffey and Jordan Cliatt visited on Saturday morning and carried me to town. We enjoyed being together, and of course, their visit. Was a very enjoyable one. l Michael and Elizabeth Ferguson and his two grandsons visited with us Sunday afternoon. l Marion and Hilda Cliatt vis­ited her brother, Larry McCarty, in Grovetown on Saturday. l Marion and Hilda Cliatt, Harold and Shirley Smith, and Richard and Judy Sleister, visited their great- great-grandparents grave on Louis­ville Road on Sunday. l Marion Cliatt visited David Dukes on Tuesday. l Jan Smalley attended a cookout for Charlie Dornberg’s birthday on Sunday. l Mandy Rogers has visited her mother, Jan Smalley.

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