2018-02-08 / News

UBCF grant helps women by providing mammograms

Thanks to a $4,500 grant from the United Breast Cancer Foundation (UBCF) to the East Georgia Cancer Coalition (EGCC), Athens will be able to provide screening mammo­grams for uninsured women in 29 counties including Wilkes County.

Women in east Georgia suffer from some of the highest breast cancer incidence rates in the coun­try. With higher rates of poverty and lower levels of education, these women have lower rates of mam­mography and, subsequently, higher rates of death due to breast cancer, the second leading cause of cancer- related death.

“These funds allow us to continue our current screening program begun in 2014 and expanded by increasing the number of screening locations and current clinics,” says Direc­tor of Development and Programs Smitha Ahamed. “If diagnostic mammograms or additional views are required, EGCC reimburses the screening and reading providers.”

UBCF’s Director of Operations, Beth Reichart shared, “UBCF is pleased to partner with the East Georgia Cancer Coalition. Together, we will be providing much-needed breast cancer screenings to women who would otherwise not have ac­cess to this vital service.”

While Georgia has increased breast cancer screening rates, not all women - particularly those without health insurance - receive appropri­ate screening or treatment. The work this grant money supports will help identify breast cancer at an earlier stage, making treatment more effec­tive.

The United Breast Cancer Foun­dation (UBCF) is committed to offering breast health and wellness resources focused on cancer preven­tion, treatment, and overall wellness. UBCF’s mission is to make a posi­tive difference in the lives of those affected by breast cancer and is carried out every day through seven life-supporting patient and family programs available to women, men, and families nationwide. No one is ever denied services regardless of age, race, gender, ethnicity, income or medical insurance coverage. For more information about UBCF’s comprehensive supportive services and specific programs visit ubcf.org.

The East Georgia Cancer Coalition (EGCC) provides cancer education, prevention information, screening services and details about how to access treatment centers and clini­cal trials. By uniting with medical providers and other organizations, EGCC effectively fights cancer and improves cancer outcomes in East Georgia communities.

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