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BOC discusses road repaving, Fire Services Advisory Board

By KAY TOTO staff writer

The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners held a work ses­sion last week, where no vote was taken, to discuss a number of perti­nent items, some of which will be taken to a vote at its next meeting, scheduled for Thursday (tonight), February 8, beginning at 6 p.m. at the courthouse.

Members of the board discussed the disbursement of the Local Maintenance Improvement Grant (LMIG) monies. A list of roads that need repaving was presented by Roby Seymour, director of Public Works and Planning and Zoning. He explained that the LMIG money, plus a ten percent match provided by the county, must be used before July 2018. The LMIG report con­sists of 13 roads in the county need­ing resurfacing at a combined total of approximately $4.5 million. At present, the amount of money pro­vided by the Georgia Department of Transportation is $349,000. With the addition of the county’s ten per­cent, the total amount available is in the neighborhood of $380,000.

Chairman Norman also men­tioned that there is some SLPOST money available as well. The two roads that were suggested as being the first ones to be repaved were Ashmore-Barden Road and Row­land York Road.

In order to apply for additional LMIG money for next year, Sey­mour stated, “What has to happen is a process that, once we spend the money, I have to send them certifi­cation signed by the chairman that we have expended all the LMIG money, plus our ten percent, before we can apply for the LMIG money for next year.”

Discussion was given to review­ing the contracts with the volunteer fire departments. Norman stressed that there are no changes in updat­ing the contracts. “We have to have a contract, by state law, on file to give any money to any organiza­tion that we can legally fund,” he said. He went on to state that all payments must be requested by the fire departments by submitting in­voices for that amount.

Discussion then turned to creat­ing a Fire Services Advisory Board which would consist of two mem­bers of each of the four fire dis­tricts in Lincoln County. In each district, the current fire chief and one member of the district’s board of directors would serve on the new advisory board. Casey Broom, director of the Lincoln County Of­fice of Emergency Services, would be chairman of the Fire Services Advisory Board.

Norman noted that the board would meet every other month. The purpose would be to address concerns within the departments. Broom, as chairman, would then address any of these concerns with the Board of Commissioners.

In other business, there were text changes in both the Land Develop­ment code and the Recreation Ad­visory Board Terms.

At that time, Norman expressed concerns about the way new ordi­nances are passed. He mentioned that, in earlier times, new ordinanc­es were done in two meetings. This had been changed providing that a new ordinance could be passed in one meeting if the vote was unani­mous. However, Norman stated that he did not care for this and sug­gested that the board should return to “transparency.” He explained that for the “public’s benefit,” the people of Lincoln County needed time to become aware of the ac­tions of the board before new ordi­nances are passed.

There were several board ap­pointments mentioned. Norman asked that the board consider elect­ing James Allen to the Board of Electors. Further, he asked that the board consider appointing John Stone to the CSRA Unified Devel­opment Authority as well.

The last order of business was a request by the Beggs family to do­nate a granite bench, to be set on the lawn of the courthouse, in hon­or of the late Bruce Beggs. Norman reminded the board that the county cannot accept gifts unless the board approves. If approved, the dedica­tion will be February 19, at 4 p.m.

Before adjournment, there was a discussion of the attendance of the board members at an event on Sat­urday honoring Welcome Mason for his service to the county.

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