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Beggs spotlighted by Georgia College for patient care through music therapy

Emily Beggs works with a therapy patient as a part of her music therapy program, which she is now in her senior year of at Georgia College. Emily Beggs works with a therapy patient as a part of her music therapy program, which she is now in her senior year of at Georgia College. Lincoln County native Emily Beggs was recently given the spot­light by Georgia College for her ten­der caregiving through the school’s music therapy program. Beggs, now a senior at Georgia College, intends to pursue a master’s degree in music therapy once she’s completed her undergraduate work in the same field.

In recognition of her service to her music therapy patients, Georgia College conducted an interview with Beggs in order to spotlight her achievements. It is reprinted below:

Beggs explained why she wanted to go to Georgia College, stating, “It’s one of the only schools in Georgia that offers a music therapy program and after visiting campus I had a feeling this is where I was meant to be.”

Her academic accomplishments and activities include making the Dean’s List and the President’s List; being published in Peacock’s Feet; studying abroad; participating in the Bobcat A Capella Group; being a member of the GC Music Therapy Society; playing on the Women’s Club Ultimate Frisbee team; swing dancing; playing keyboard for the Northridge KUDZU Worship Band; and acting as cast member in the play “American Idiot.”

Beggs also completed a six-month internship, in which she led music therapy groups, along with helping and assessing patients one-on-one at Palmetto Health Baptist in Co­lumbia, S.C.

“You’re going to get what you give. Whenever I felt like I had truly accomplished a task, it was because I put everything I had into it. Being a student at Georgia College has constantly challenged my abilities and persistence, and I’m thankful for that. No doubt, that particular lesson will help me in the future, because I will continue to constantly push myself to do my best,” Beggs said, noting that this is one of the biggest lessons she’s learned throughout her time in school.

She also reminisced on the im­pacting moment that made her want to pursue music therapy, which came after she used songwriting and music to bring smiles to the faces of a father and his teenage girl, who was hospitalized after a suicide attempt.

“It was super rewarding to see how music therapy was able to positively impact them and, in return, it made an impact on me,” Beggs said.

Some of the most fun she’s had during her time at school came when she was given a class assignment to create a song using newspaper articles and a loop machine.

“It is a memory I’ll always hold close to my heart, because every­one ’.s.energy..and.ideas.were.bounc­ing . off one another,” Beggs said.

Beggs is 2013 graduate of Lincoln County High School, and is the daughter of Elaine and the late Mike Beggs of Lincolnton.

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