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Loved ones honored with a light on Tree of Remembrance

The Lincoln County Historical Society is honored to sponsor the Tree of Remembrance for 2017. The tree is located at the intersection of Peachtree and Main Streets. The tree was planted and is maintained by Commercial Insurance Services and Ingram Family Landscaping. It honors Mr. Ben B. Ross and the late Mrs. Mobley G. Ross and the Grand Marshal of the 2017 Lincolnton Christmas Parade.

A light “In Honor” or “In Mem­ory” can be placed on the Remem­brance Tree for a $1 donation per name. Registers for the names are displayed at the following locations: Lincolnton City Hall, Farmers State Bank, Farmers and Merchants Bank, City Pharmacy, Crawford- Breazeale Drug Co., Goldman and Wengrow and Jericho Florist. Also, requests can be mailed to LaVina Marlow, 388 May Ave., Lincolnton, GA, 30817. (Please make check payable to Lincoln County Histori­cal Society). Names will be listed in the Lincoln Journal each week.

The members of the Lincoln County Historical Society extend a heartfelt “Thank You” for your participation and support of the Tree of Remembrance. This is a wonderful way of publicly honor­ing and remembering those who are special in our lives. All donations will be used for the maintenance and preservation of the Historical Park. (Please note that the donors’ names are in parentheses.)

In Memory

Barney V. Poss (Robert Poss); Mariah W. Poss (Robert Poss); John Allen Poss (Robert Poss); William Virgil Poss (Robert Poss); Barney Watson Poss (Robert Poss); Corrine M. Poss (Robert Poss); Jamey Poss (Robert Poss); Clyde Watson Wright (Robert Poss); Fannie Lou Wright (Robert Poss); Pete Poss (Rose Poss Cawley); Clotilde Poss (Rose Poss Cawley); Robert E. Leverett (Terry); Christine Glaze (Terry); Fredric Norman (Terry); Gail Partlow (Terry); Mitchell Leverett (Terry); GayLan Tankersley (Diana P. Dent); Kathleen Tutt (Bobby Barksdale); Wylie (Fella) Dallas (Florence, Meredith & Dallas); Hester H. Brown (Florence Dallas); Robert N. Brown (Florence Dallas); Deidra Dallas (Florence, Meredith & Dallas); Nelson Brown (Florence Dallas); Angelia Phillips (Florence Dallas); Greg Phillips (Florence Dallas); Richard Phillips (Florence Dallas); Eddie F. Bussey (Pamela, Eric, & Lekeitha); Josie H. House (Pamela, Eric, & Lekeitha); Edwin Burgess (Tammy, Whittley & Jared Wright); Louise Clark (Elloise Clark); John Clark (Elloise Clark); and Allen & Betty Ann Goldman (Billy & Joann Collins).

Harris & Madilyn Collins (Billy & Joann Collins); Nancy Epps (Tara Epps); Merry Epps (Tara Epps); D.J. Wilkinson (Tara Epps); Julius Meeks (Julius & Joyce Meeks); Mary Meeks ( Julius & Joyce Meeks); Maggie Pilot (Joyce & Julius Meeks); Joe M. Holloway (Joanne Winn); William B. Holloway ( Joanne Winn); Bobby Winn (Joanne Winn); J. M. Holloway Jr. (Joanne Winn); Welcome Holloway (Joanne Winn); Chris Holloway (Joanne Winn); Pam Holloway (Joanne Winn); Shirley Holloway (Joanne Winn); Maudine Tankersley (Joanne Winn); William Higginbotham (Joanne Winn); Willie Higginbotham (Joanne Winn); Eugene Calhoun (Sharon Calhoun); Jessie J. Freeman (Sharon Calhoun); Jackie Duke (D. Swiecki); Chris Deason (Nobie Dean Hawes); Murry Deason (Nobie Dean Hawes); Brancie Hawes (Nobie Dean Hawes); Charlie Boy Hawes (Nobie Dean Hawes); Marie Clement (Nobie Dean Hawes); Marion Dawkins (Nobie Dean Hawes); Roy D. Andrews (Mary Andrews); Maverick Andrews (Mary Andrews); Paul C. Rickerson (Wanda Rickerson); John Earl Albea (Dianne Albea Lear); Edna Hall Albea (Dianne Albea Lear); Marilyn Albea Armour (Dianne Albea Lear); and Larry Martin Armour (Dianne Albea Lear).

John Addison Albea (Dianne Albea Lear); Shawn Michael Granato (Dianne Albea Lear); Ruth Hall Albea (Dianne Albea Lear); Lawrence Albea (Dianne Albea Lear); George T. Albea Jr. (Dianne Albea Lear); Ina Carroll Albea (Dianne Albea Lear); George T. Albea, Sr. (Dianne Albea Lear); Lenore Norman Albea (Dianne Albea Lear); Oral P. Hall (Dianne Albea Lear); Connie Rathbone Hall (Dianne Albea Lear); Bernice Hall Someck (Dianne Albea Lear); Joseph Someck (Dianne Albea Lear); Oliver Hall (Dianne Albea Lear); Ruby Andrews Hall (Dianne Albea Lear); Grady Hall (Dianne Albea Lear); Mildred Turner Hall (Dianne Albea Lear); John T. Martin (Dianne Albea Lear); Gail Martin Hall (Dianne Albea Lear); Lila Hall Campbell (Dianne Albea Lear); Bob Campbell (Dianne Albea Lear); Jimmy Campbell (Dianne Albea Lear); Andrew Lee (Drew) Passmore (Dianne Albea Lear); Annie Ruth Albea Fortson ( Dianne Albea Lear); Wilton Fortson (Dianne Albea Lear); Alice Albea Henderson (Dianne Albea Lear); James Henderson (Dianne Albea Lear); Frances Albea Bell (Dianne Albea Lear); Ruffin Bell (Dianne Albea Lear); Carolyn Albea Armour (Dianne Albea Lear); Marion Armour (Dianne Albea Lear); Lilly Lyles (Dianne Albea Lear); Jim Lyles (Dianne Albea Lear); Mae Jones (Dianne Albea Lear); and Ronald Wayne Cowart (Dianne Albea Lear).

In Honor

Dennis Quinn ( unknown); Amanda Rogers (mother); Carla Dornberg ( mother); Charles Dornberg (mother); P.C.L Mattie Lou Crite (unknown); Mgst. Melvin Leon Crite (unknown); Nathan Lee Crite (unknown); Willie Crite (unknown); Veronica Jenell Crite (unknown); Taylor Hawes (Nobie Dean Hawes); Colby Hawes (Nobie Dean Hawes); Shana Hawes (Nobie Dean Hawes); Carter Dean Hawes (Nobie Dean Hawes); and Idell Andrews (Mary Andrews).

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