2017-11-30 / People

Leathersville News

By Mrs. William Bentley

l Mr. and Mrs. Murry Norman visited with us on Monday after­noon. So nice to have friends who care to visit. l Lisa Mahaffey came Saturday morning and carried me to town and worked around the house. So good to see her and really appreci­ated her help. l Brenda and Franklin Bowick came Saturday afternoon and brought vegetables from the gar­den, and my sister fixed my hair for me. So nice to have family to help when you can’t help your­self. l Nobie Dean Hawes visited Wednesday afternoon. So good to see wonderful neighbors. l Our Thanksgiving guests were Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Timmer­man, Mr. and Mrs. Derek Cooper and Olivia, Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Mahaffey and Ethan, and Mr. and Mrs. Chris Cliatt. Ryan Timmer­man called from India, Jonathan and Brandi Wright called from Pennsylvania, Anne Wright and Haley Dumpe called from Macon and 10 year old Grayson Dumpe played Silent Night on the piano for us over the phone. We enjoyed our meal and the fellowship of ev­eryone. Especially, we were happy Raymond was able to come. l Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Merchant, and grandchildren, Mary Cath­erine and Alex Johnson, visited Sunday afternoon and brought a fruit basket from St. Paul Church. Wonderful to know that someone really cares about shut-ins. l Brenda and Franklin Bow­ick came Sunday afternoon and brought cake and vegetables for us. So good to have family who care. l Mr. and Mrs. Chris Abel and Keegan from Virginia, Tim and Pam Abel from Guyton, and Pam Watson and Preston Jewel were Thanksgiving guests in the home of Kenneth and Donna Abel. l Last weekend, Marion and Hilda Cliatt drove to Pine Moun­tain State Park and Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park and enjoyed the beautiful leaves. l Marion and Hilda Cliatt were Thanksgiving guests with Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Berry and Brooke and with Clifton’s family in attendance as well. l Mr. and Mrs. Marion Cliatt were guests with her brother, Larry McCarty in Grovetown Sunday. l Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Crump were Thanksgiving guests with Missy and her children in Evans. Aubrey and Wayne Crump were also in attendance. l Pat Leech was Thanksgiving guests with her son, Larry Leech in Augusta. Matthew and his brother and children were also there. l Jan Smalley and Kerry Whit­ener were Thanksgiving guests with Carla Dornberg and Randy Ganus on Saturday. l Jan Smalley’s Thanksgiving guests were Mandy and Brad Rogers, A.J., Katy and Ellie Grace Young, Brandon Dornberg and Jackson, Al Young, Chris and Lee Quarles, Charles, Lisa, Emma and Grace Dornberg, and her mother, Sara, Tina and Scottie Scott, Drew and Wendy Scott, a friend of Charles, Shirley and Buddy, and Judy Webb, Dillon and Amber.

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