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School district places second in CSRA for CCRPI rankings

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The Lincoln County school dis­trict placed second in the CSRA for its College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) score of 80.2, while each of the individual schools scored above the state aver­age. The scorings were highlighted at the latest meeting of the board of education.

“I just wanted you to see a quick summary of this, and it’s awful fun to be able to sit here and show how proud I am of our teachers and our students, and how well they’ve done,” Superintendent Dr. Samuel Light said.

He reported that LCES received a score of 78.5, that LCMS received a score of 77, and that LCHS received a score of 84.5.

“If you look at the Lincoln County compared to state average, we are literally above the state average in everything that is majored. As you remember me explaining to the board and all of our teachers on opening day, I told our teachers to ignore CCRPI scores, to teach what we need to teach, and the CCRPI score will take care of itself,” Light said.

The superintendent also explained, “the reason for that is that from 2012 to 2017, never has this CCRPI mea­sure been the same. It’s never been consistent. In 2016 as an example, there was science and social studies in those calculations, and in 2017 there’s only English and math. I’m not saying either one is better, I’m saying you can’t really compare the two. True enough we did well, I’m not questing that, and I’m very proud of how well we’ve done. My point is that it’s never consistent.”

At next month’s meeting, each school principal will further break down the CCRPI process in pre­senting a more detailed account of their scores.

Additionally, Light also high­lighted a scholarship available to students through Berry Global, Inc. as a part of his superintendent’s report.

The company is currently working with both LCHS and Washington- Wilkes Comprehensive High School to continue developing its appren­ticeship program for industrial electricians.

If selected, Berry Global will pay for students to complete the mechanical program at Augusta Technical College if, in return, they agree to work for the company when they finish.

He also congratulated the Cheer Devils for placing sixth at the state competition in their division.

In other business, the board ap­proved the 2018-2019 school cal­endar, and voted to have meeting packets delivered to each member via email as a part of board pro­tocol.

Finance Director Kaye Bufford reported that 33.33 percent of the fiscal year is complete, and that revenues are at 23.34 percent.

“This is normal this time of year, because our taxes are kind of low. Those will come in in the next couple of months. Tax bills have gone out, they’re due December 20, so between now and then we should get the bulk of those in,” Bufford said.

She included that expenditures are at 32.42 percent, and that there is $1.9 million in cash and invest­ments, along with $1.025 million in fund equity.

SPLOST collections for the month of October were $53,191.14. There is $421,381.46 in the SPLOST ac­count, and $201,759.49 in the bond tax account, totaling $623,140.95 available for the April bond pay­ment, according to the director.

She also reported that there is $93,023 available for capital proj­ects.

As a part of public participation, parent John Welch spoke in favor of the transportation department.

“Your transportation department and Greg Riley, who is the bus driver for the Cheer Devils (of which my daughter is very proudly one of), that guy goes over and above con­sistently for that group of students and that team. He needs a ‘hats off,’” Welch said, adding “he treats them like they’re his.”

Welch also thanked Director Fred Scott for his hard work, and Riley for always keeping the buses well- maintained and clean.

The next meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Education will be held on Tuesday, December 12, beginning at 7 p.m. at the board office.

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