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County votes for reinstatement of GIS parcel mapping system

The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners voted to reinstate its Geographical Infrastructure Systems (GIS) after going years without the software. This practi­cal tool, used predominantly for parcel mapping and offered through GIS1, LLC, will be utilizable by both county officials and the public at large.

“As you’re aware, over the years we have allowed our GIS to go away,” Planning and Zoning Direc­tor Roby Seymour said. “For those of y’all that are technical savvy, you’ll understand that all of our in­frastructure, our zoning, it’s all kept into a computer software where we can see it, understand it, and we can share it with other people. Over the years, because of the decline in the economy, it kind of went away, but we need to bring the GIS back.”

According to Seymour, the county already has a partnership with GIS1, which covers the parcel splits through the tax assessor’s office. The new software will likewise be platformed on the Lincoln County QPublic website, and will be acces­sible by the general public to view, along side county officials and the work they conduct through it.

Chairman Walker Norman further explained that contracted work with GIS1 is not to exceed $20,000. The software is estimated to take about two years to instate and update, however after its reinstatement the annual rate should come down to around the $9,000 range.

In other business, the board voted to authorize and submit an applica­tion to participate in the Community Home Investment Program (CHIP) – through the Georgia Department of Community Affairs – for a cost of $250.

“If we are successful, we’ll have a grant of up to $300,000 and it will be for home improvements,” Nor­man said, assuring, “this is nothing that comes back on the county.”

In partnership with CHIP, the county acts as the physical agent, and the funds through CHIP are used to assist low- to moderate- income homeowners with the reha­bilitation or reconstruction of their owner-occupied homes for sale to eligible homebuyers. The goal is to upgrade every house in the program to the state building code.

Norman included that there’s also a possibility that those with CHIP would utilize local builders and other resources for the upgrades.

Furthermore, the commission ap­proved a “Housing Action Plan.”

In conjunction with the CSRA Re­gional Commission, the plan takes the initiative to address the current housing needs within the county by eliminating “slum and blight,” while also assisting its current low- to moderate-income residents that cannot afford to have “much needed repairs” made to their homes.

Officials with CSRA-RC will also assess current housing stock and develop a “Housing Action Plan” (HAP). The plan will set to meet development needs to rehabilitate, preserve, and enhance the quality of existing housing stock, as well as calculating for future housing needs.

Additionally, the board approved the authorization of voting machine use for future elections, and ap­proved the annual application for a grant for public transportation assistance through the U.S. Depart­ment of Transportation.

A public hearing was also held alongside the commission meeting, in which three rezoning requests were heard by the board and taken to a vote.

Members voted to approve a re­zoning request by Lake Thurmond Outdoors, located on the Augusta Highway, to operate a boat storage facility. On the motion, the opera­tion was voted to be rezoned to a C-2 (general commercial) facility, from an A-2 (interior agriculture) facility.

The second rezoning request was placed by Earl McKellar to operate a whole sale/retail sales lot for manu­factured homes, which was denied until the applicant meets 12 stipula­tions outlined by the Planning and Zoning Department.

Last, the board approve a special use request for Jimmy Reborn Jr. and William Ralph Baker Jr. to oper­ate an auction on Double Branches Road.

The next meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners will be held on Thursday, Decem­ber 14, beginning at 6 p.m. at the courthouse.

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