2017-11-09 / People

Lemaster displays his hand carved decoys for the Art Trotters at Red Rooster in S.C.

Art Trotters of McCormick enjoyed spending time with Denny Le­master of Lincolnton at the Red Rooster. Art Trotters of McCormick enjoyed spending time with Denny Le­master of Lincolnton at the Red Rooster. A perfect autumn evening was the setting for Art Trotters making their way to three remarkable downtown locations. The MACK, The Red Rooster, and Frames Unlimited Act II were alive with visitors. The guitar selections of Henry Wynn, Jr. set the stage for the MACK Ex­hibit. Visitors to the Red Rooster were treated to the wonderful piano selections of Phillip McKinney of Abbeville.

Art Trotters enjoyed time with Denny Lemaster of the Lincolnton area admiring his hand carved de­coys exhibited at the Red Rooster. Each uniquely detailed bird exhibits the extraordinary talent of this artist. Long a collector of antique decoys, Lemaster’s wife gifted him with wood, tools and paints thirty three years ago to encourage carving the birds he loved to collect. The decoys are carved from tupelo ash obtained from Louisiana. To be considered in a juried show, decoys must be ana­tomically perfect. Best of Show in the prestigious Ocean City Exhibit was a milestone win for Lemaster. The artist exhibits detailed original pencil drawings of his exquisite birds for sale at the Red Rooster.

Eric Williams and Nick Zupp presented paintings at the MACK. Williams exhibited several of his acrylic paintings last month with the Shelton Group. He began his paint­ing with acrylics studying under Skip Shelton. Williams accentuates the beauty of acrylic color in his vibrant work. He also paints in oils and uses natural residual pigments, selecting soils, rust, and minerals in an historic method, to achieve a softer earth toned painting.

Charles (Nick) Zupp doesn’t just like to paint, he, “loves” to paint with watercolors. Zupp gains his inspiration from the rural south and also paints portraits of individuals and pets. When asked how long he has been painting, he says, “All my life.” Although Zupp majored in Commercial and Fine Arts in col­lege, he only began spending serious time painting after his retirement. His paintings present a touch of beauty that Zupp has mastered in his work while using the unforgiving watercolors.

The MACK Galleries abound with these beautiful acrylic and water­color paintings as testament to the creative talents of these two artists. The art can be seen during the month of November until just before Mc­Cormick’s next Art Trot on Friday, December 1. Original gift ideas are in abundance at the MACK Artisans Gift Shop, The Red Rooster, and at Frames Unlimited Act II.

Frames Unlimited Act II, the unique frame and gift shop on South Main St. was the place to go to renew a friendship with the creative and talented potter, Martha Peddicord. The barn that serves as Peddicord’s studio has been a bless­ing to the potter’s enjoyment and creativity. A beautiful large piece for serving, shaped by using a huge leaf, shows the imprint of nature. It is safe for serving food and the incredible piece of art goes into the dishwasher. Several of the artist’s pottery pieces were made using a new glaze, pro­viding a most interesting design. According to Peddicord, each piece is an original “gift from the kiln.”

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