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LCHS/MS Red Pride Band receives ratings of ‘excellent’ at competition

“This has been a very rewarding season for the Red Pride Band of Lincoln County Middle and High School,” band director Jasper Dukes praised.

From seasonal preparations, foot­ball game performances, and a successful year of competitions, students of the Red Pride Band have enjoyed and grown from a variety of musical venues this semester.

The year started with band camp back in July, as students prepared for this season’s field show.

“We planned what we though would be an exciting performance this year as we worked hard to mes­merize our football fans each Friday night,” Dukes said, explaining that this year’.s.band.has.performed.mu­sic . by “The King of Pop,” Michael Jackson, who is known to be one of America’s most famous musical icons.

“As the season has grown, our performances have gotten better weekly, as the students have gained more confidence with each perfor­mance,” Dukes said. “It is such a wonderful feeling being able to perform for our audience as they show their appreciation by giving us a standing ovation each week.”

Likewise, the Red Pride Band has represented both the school and community very well this year as they’ve participated in competi­tions.

The students participated in the Thomson Marching Invitational on October 14, in Class 1A, and earned several awards.

The Red Pride Band received the rating of “Excellent” for percussion; “Excellent” for color guards; “Su­perior” for drum major; an overall rating of “Excellent;” and placed third for Class 1A bands.

Following the Thomson Marching Invitational, that evening the stu­dents competed in the finals of the competition. According to Dukes, in the finals the students were com­pared to all other bands in order to receive placement.

“We went against six other bands that were all larger than us,” Dukes explained. “Being a small band makes it easier for judges to see and point out areas your group may be weak in. While a larger band may have some of the very same issues, it is harder to see because there are more members which may help to shade some of the errors.”

The final results yielded by the Red Pride Band for the event were a rating of “Excellent” and taking seventh place for the day, “but this was a wonderful learning experience for the students,” Dukes added. “We received many good critiques from the judges and were able to incorpo­rate some of them into our show for the next performance.”

A week later, on October 21, the students traveled to Grovetown to participated in the Grovetown War­rior Invitational.

It was there that the students earned ratings of “Excellent” for percussion; “Superior” for drum major; an overall band rating of “Excellent;” and the students took second place for Class 1A bands.

The Red Pride Band performed in the finals competition in the open class against nine other bands. While there was one other band only with about 50 students, the other eight of them were 80 to 100 plus members strong. In this segment the students earned an overall “Excellent” band rating – a substantially higher score – however the band placed at 10th overall.

“As I gave my students feed­back right after our performance, I wanted them to know that they did an exceptional job and that I was very proud of them and that our community would be proud of that performance,” Dukes said. “Also I wanted them to know, regardless of the judge’s decision, I would still be proud and was pleased with their performance for this was simply an opinion of what the judges saw on that particular day.

“We will continue to evaluate some of the judge’s comments and apply them so that we could contin­ue to learn from this event in order to develop a stronger marching band program,” the director included.

As the marching season begins to wind down, the band is now preparing for its annual Veterans Day Ceremony on November 11 at 11 a.m. at the American Legion Post in Lincolnton. After the Veterans Day performance, the band will conduct another performance at the Pioneer Day festival in the May House at the Lincoln County Historical Park on November 18.

At Pioneer Day, the program will open with the playing of the “The Star Spangled Banner” at 11 a.m., and then progress into the day’s performance.

“Please come out to support your local high school Red Pride Band. Next we will be preparing for our annual Christmas Parade on De­cember 2, followed by our annual Christmas concert.on.Thursday,. ..De­cember 7, at 7 p.m. in the school’s auditorium,” Dukes said as an open invitation to the community, includ­ing that admission to the concert is free and open to the public.

“Please plan to support us by at­tending as we set the atmosphere for the Christmas season at LCMS/ HS,” Dukes said. “Thanks for all of your past support, and we’re looking forward to seeing you at the concert. Bring a friend because we would love to perform to a full house, so let’s make that happen.”

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