2017-11-02 / Front Page

A CodeRed Alert warns residents of telephone scam

A recent alert was issued by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office via the CodeRed alert system warning the public of telephone scam artists, and as an added precaution, Sheriff Paul Reviere has requested that the public be wary of potential incoming scam calls.

According to investigators with the Sheriff’s Office, suspicious phone calls have been made to sev­eral members of the Lincoln County community. Through these phone calls, criminals or potential crimi­nals have been posing as deputies and other officials with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and have been claiming false information regarding court summonings, ap­pearances, and the like.

“What’s significant to the calls is that the scammers actually hi­jacked the Sheriff’s Office phone number – 359-4118 – and have been pretending to be sheriff personnel,” Reviere said.

In regard to delivering informa­tion regarding court proceedings, summonses, and appearances, Re­viere added, “We would like the public to understand that this is not the normal policy or procedure for that.”

Reviere likewise reminded the public to stay vigilant, as “phone scams have gone viral” at this time, and that personal, sensitive infor­mation should never be given to an unverified party over the phone.

If members of the public encoun­ter any suspicious activity, they are asked to report it to the Sheriff’s Office immediately.

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