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Public invited to open house to view comprehensive plan

The public is invited to give input regarding the new “Joint Compre­hensive Plan” between Lincoln County and the City of Lincolnton on Thursday (today), October 26, from 2-6 p.m. at the Office of Emer­gency Services.

The open house will explore the comprehensive plan’s intent to map out a five-year guide for county- wide growth, and will be contracted with the Central Savannah River Area Regional Commission (CSRA- RC).

Since the last comprehensive plan, information on both county and city accomplishments will be on display for the public to view, and a community survey will be available for those in attendance to complete, as proposed activities for improvement will be highlighted at the open house.

A public hearing to inform the community about the .joint.compre­hensive plan between the Lincoln County and City of Lincolnton governments was held over the sum­mer, and at the hearing Public Works Director Roby Seymour explained, “This plan is due on or before Febru­ary of 2018, to be adopted by both governments. The Department of Community Affairs is funding the project, and CSRA-RC has been contracted by Lincoln County and the City of Lincolnton to basically draw up the plan. It’s being paid for completely by DCA, so it’s no cost to us or the City of Lincolnton.”

According to Seymour, the com­prehensive plan outlines the goals expressed by both governments over the next five years, as well as outlin­ing certain economic development goals, but also depicts the goals for infrastructure and other improve­ments over the next 10 years.

The plan would provide potential residents and businesses owners a “screen shot” of what the county has to offer, which includes a lot of information based on census data.

“It’s a guiding document for any­one visiting, or wanting to move here. It’s basically a snap shot of where our county is and where we anticipate it to be over a long-term period,” Seymour said, regarding economic development, population growth, water and sewer growth, and other areas.

“The plan originated in May with a kickoff meeting of the stakehold­ers committee. That stakeholders committee is made up of county employees, county business lead­ers, city council members, city em­ployees, and some outside general public individuals to give input,” Seymour said. “There are three parts to the plan. The first is an introduc­tion and discussion of the com­prehensive plan, and the process. The second part is the community profile and background of the com­munity, which includes the general demographics, housing, economic development, community facili­ties, natural agricultural resources, and land usage. The third part is the community agenda, which includes the needs and opportunities in the community, the community goals, the land-use plan, and the commu­nity work program.”

The comprehensive plan would also require regular updates every two years in order to keep informa­tion and data current.

As the contract is in joint agree­ment with the county and city, it will involve a complete renewal and re­write of the existing comprehensive plan. Furthermore, the Department of Community Affairs will fund the entirety of the rewrite.

The documentation must be in compliance with Georgia State laws in order for the county to continue receiving certain state funding and grants like Community Develop­ment Block Grants and Georgia grants.

After the public open house, of­ficials are anticipating adoption of the plan by the end of this year.

Officials from both the Lincoln County and City of Lincolnton governments will be present to dis­cuss the plan’s process, and answer questions from the public. They will be joined by the CSRA Regional Commission staff as well.

For more information, contact Seymour by phone at 706-359-5831, or by email at RSeymour@Lincoln­Countyga.com.

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