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Ordinance changes, road repaving discussed by county at work session

At a called meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners, members discussed several items of business, some of which will be taken for a vote at its regularly scheduled meeting today, Thursday, October 12, beginning at 6 p.m. at the courthouse.

A text change to a zoning ordi­nance regarding parking RVs and other recreational vehicles was dis­cussed, along with a mobile home ordinance pertaining to R-1 zoning areas.

Regarding the parking of vehicles, Planning and Zoning Director Roby Seymour explained that the ordi­nance pertains to the different indi­viduals and businesses in the county that need temporary residents on a property for maintenance workers or managers of other similar cir­cumstances.

“The previous ordinance allowed me as the director to give a 90-day temporary issuance for someone staying in an RV for extenuated cir­cumstances,” Seymour said. “What we would like to do is change that to 12 months. In the 12 months it gives us the ability to go back out and inspect the property, make sure they’re doing what they’re supposed to do, and then we can issue another one at the end of that 12 months.”

Shifting to the matter of mobile homes, Seymour explained, “origi­nally when the land development ordinance was put into place, if you had a mobile home in an R-1 zone district –which is predominantly your lakefront communities and subdivision, though it’s not all of them, but the ones predominantly on the southern and eastern side of the county – what happened in 2009 was the ordinance got changed to allow people who already had one in those zoning subdivisions is that they could replace a home with one that was five years or newer.

“What we’re wanting to do is al­low them to do it in all of the zoning districts with the exception of R-1, this would restrict them from replac­ing mobile homes in those areas,” Seymour added.

In other business, the board dis­cussed the tentative paving of roads off of Hidden Harbor Road, such as Mallard Lane, Wood Duck Trail, Bambi Trail, Oak Court, and Bryant Road.

“There are more roads down there than I realized,” Commission Chair­man Walker Norman said.

“As you know we’re into October and road paving season will be over pretty quick, and you can do asphalt a little longer than you can triple surface,” Norman added, explaining that he would like to take two years to pave the listed roads for a total of $142,000.

He added that LMIG monies can be used only for resurfacing, however T-SPLOST monies could be utilized for new roads, to which Finance Director Traci Bussey explained that about $580,000 T- SPLOST monies from sales taxes are typically collected.

In consultation with paving pro­fessionals, Norman reported that it’s too late in the season to resurface with tar and gravel, which is over 50 percent cheaper than other pav­ing options, so the commission will have to decide which roads would be better suited to triple surface or other means of paving.

In other business, county attorney Ben Jackson reported that the legal procedures for the abandonment of Choctaw Road have been taken, and that a public hearing for comment will be held at Thursday’s meeting before it’s voted on by the board.

The board also discussed purchas­ing a work vehicle for the chairman, and are considering a Ford Explorer 2018 with a full warranty for $30,593 to be paid for out of LOST collec­tions, which are monies usually dedicated to the road department.

Taking the floor again, Seymour asked for permission to surplus and sell old and unused equipment via auction, including old vehicles, a bulldozer, semi-truck and other pieces.

The board also discussed the water agreement between the county and city, along with the various camp­grounds around the county losing money, and what options could be taken to address the issue.

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