2017-10-05 / Sports

Major League Playoff fever sets in

By LAMAR GARRARD baseball historian

“You always want to feel better, but I am good. My thing is once you get to the playoffs, you do what- ever it takes. You’ve got to lay it on the line.” – Brian Jordan, former Braves player and current Braves TV analyst.

Well, not to worry Braves fans, as the playoffs are now rolling into full swing. The various races have few weeks, we will see which teams make it to the World Series. Cleveland, and Houston all have won their divisions with the Yankees won their divisions and the wild cards are Arizona and Colorado. Looking at these teams reminded me of the demise of the San Fran- cisco Giants. The Giants dominated - ning the World Series three times in how a team could go from perennial champs to their dismal last place

Even though we had hope that this year at Suntrust Park, there will be excitement for everyone in of the play- offs and then the World Championship. There are so many good strong teams this try and pick an eventual winner. manager Terry Francona would like see a crown come to his team asclassic was in 1948. Hey, look at the Astros. They have over 100 wins for the second never won a World Series. This year Colorado has a shot with their wild World Series either.

The Yankees have a chance to win for the 29th time. Having last won Minnesota in the wild card. The Twins last won in 1991 defeating the Braves in seven games. - and play Cleveland and add another count the Dodgers out as they are powerful with great hitting and of course premier pitching with Alex overlooked with pitching and hitting Zimmerman or Bryce Harper come to the plate when they play Atlanta. all-western wild card. of the D’Backs players does not and win it all as they did in 2001. time in the next few days especially

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