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Chamber seeks nominees for parade grand marshal

With plans for the annual Holi­days in Olde Lincoln Towne fes­tival and Christmas parade in the works with the Lincolnton-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce, members of the board of directors have issued a special call to action from the general public to submit nominations for this year’s honor­ary selection of grand marshal.

As the rules for nominee sub­mission states, “the project is held annually to recognize someone who has touched the life of an individual and/or the community in a special way.” Those with the Chamber have emphasized that this is a great way to celebrate an outstanding member of the Lincoln County family.

As per tradition, this year’s grand marshal will lead the Christmas parade.

Submission essays will be judged strictly on content, originality, and sincerity, however creativity is encouraged.

The guidelines for submitting nominees for this year’s grand marshal are as follows:

(1) The nominee must be a full- time resident of Lincoln County.

(2) The contest is open to the pub­lic; there are no age restrictions.

(3) Nominations must be submit­ted in typed (preferred) or handwrit­ten form, with names, addresses, and phone numbers of the nominee and submitter included.

(4) There is no word limit, how­ever, it is NOT to exceed one page for framing purposes.

(5) Without straying from topic, answer “why” the candidate should be selected as grand marshal.

(6) All entries should be on a volunteer basis.

(7) The Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, spouses, and children are ineligible to win as grand marshal. However, they may submit a nomination for grand marshal.

(8) The Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors will govern the determination of the final winner.

(9) Prizes and awards will be de­termined annually by the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

(10) Previous grand marshal winners of the Lincolnton-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce are ineligible.

The deadline for all grand mar­shal nomination submissions is Friday, October 13. All entries must be delivered to the Chamber office BEFORE 5 p.m.

In addition to leading the Lin­colnton Christmas parade and receiving various prizes, the 2017 grand marshal will be the subject of an article appearing in the No­vember 23 issue of The Lincoln Journal.

Also, the grand marshal and the individual submitting the winning essay will be guests of honor at the annual chamber banquet.

Former grand marshals include Lamar and Bonnie Wade, Renee and Ernie Guthrie, the late Frankie and Jerry Phillips, Denise Hamrick, Faye Butler, Talmadge Reed, Jerry Stone, LaVina Marlow and the late James B. “Buddy” Mar­low, the late Lonnie Martin, Bruce Beggs, Mary Glaze, Emma Smith, the late Joe Otis “Mr. Bud” Hawes, Mickey and Murray Norman, the late Thomas Bunch, Welcome Ma­son, the late Frances Prater, Ben Ross, the late A.J. “Hirsch” Wengrow, and Willie Harris.

The entries may be hand deliv­ered, mailed, faxed, or emailed to the chamber office, located in the Blanchard House at 112 N. Wash­ington Street.

The Chamber of Commerce’s mailing address is P.O. Box 810, Lincolnton, Georgia, 30817. The fax number is 706-359-5477, and the email address is lcgachambrofcommerce@gmail.com.

For more information, contact the chamber office at 706-359-7970.

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