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time at the new stadium


“Now, you tell me, if I have a day off during the baseball season, where do you think I will spend it? The ballpark. I still love it, always have, always will.” – Harry Caray, former Chicago Cubs broadcaster.

This past Friday night my son Brent, and two of my grandsons, Caleb and Josiah, joined our good friend Jay and we attended the Braves game at the new Suntrust Stadium. The Braves jumped all over Phillies starting pitcher Ben Lively with six straight hits posting Newcomb, the starting pitcher, had a good outing and got credit for the win as the Braves bats came alive tallying 11 hits in the contest. The highlight player for the Braves was the 11-year veteran catcher Kurt Suzuki who had two home runs in the game making it the third time this year he has clouted two homers in a game. Kurt has performed well this year in 76 games batting .271 with 18 home runs. Even though the Braves left 12 men on base they easily defeated the Phillies (7-2), a team that has dominated the Braves all season.

Suntrust ballpark is certainly very different from Turner Field. It is located close to the I- 285 and I- 75 north section of Atlanta. The parking is un- like the previ- ous stadium’s distance from the stadium complex. I think we walked almost a mile from the lot where we parked.

A highlight for me was an area that featured Braves history going back to the days when Babe Ruth played for the Boston Braves. of Famers, a 1995 World Series ring and replicas of Braves Jerseys from the beginning until now. Lin- Lemaster is in a photograph of the 1960s era Braves and Augusta na- circa 1914 when his Boston Braves won the World Series.

Moving through the stadium you have multiple opportunities to interact. There are batting cages, pitching stations, home run derby, a rock climbing tower, a zip line, a base running race, an arcade with a shooting gallery and on and on. There are mega Braves souvenir shops where you can pay $100 or more for some nice Braves apparel. There are people everywhere eat- ing in restaurants and food venues. There are many, many places to eat and you can even buy an ice cream sandwich for $5 at the healthy snack store.

My point is that there is so much to see and do that you could prob- ably never even see the game with all the entertainment that is offered. are young, and while socializing and partying and shopping who has time for the ballgame. The new park is a great place to visit. One sage piece of advice would be to take your pocket book, oh, I mean iPhone. The type of venue is being touted as entertainment and it is just that.

Oh yeah, the Braves are 69-83 placing them as one of the all-time worst Atlanta Braves teams. Pass the pizza!

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