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Reviere continues legacy of service as he steps into new role as sheriff

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Paul Reviere will be sworn in as Lincoln County’s sheriff today, Thursday, October 28, at 5 p.m. at the courthouse by Superior Court Judge Britt Hammond, and begin his duties as the newly elected official immediately following.

After election results yielded a runaway for Reviere, as he garnered 66 percent of the tally, with votes totaling over 1,500, he has expressed a sincere gratitude to those who have supported him and his family over the past few months as they em­barked on the journey to office.

“The immense support that I have received from this community has been overwhelming, and it is com­pletely humbling,” he said.

“Even more astounding has been the involvement and support that I’ve received from our young peo­ple. It’s been amazing,” Reviere added, explaining that from former students to current students at Lin­coln County High School, and many others in-between, he has received great proactivity from younger gen­erations in aiding in his campaign – an experience that thoroughly resonated within his heart.

In looking to the future as he steps into the position of sheriff, Reviere has frequently met with Interim Sheriff Sid Hatfield, along with other officials with the office, and with county government officials in preparation for the move.

“Thus far I’ve had several tran­sitional meetings with the different department heads, and those have been exceptionally good,” Reviere said. “Philosophically and ideologi­cally, [former Sheriff Bruce Beggs] and I are identical, however our leadership styles are different. I take on a corporate approach, where we have people working together to make a decision – to make a team decision – whereas Bruce would have been more likely to delegate different tasks to people. That’s the only difference between us, but my approach has been well received by those in the department.

“Bruce put so many wonderful people into positions of leadership, and all I want to do is build on what he already has in place,” he added

Regarding support not only from the community, but finding ready help from within the Sheriff’s Office and elsewhere has also stirred the desire for Reviere to do more as he begins his duties.

“I’ve received such unconditional support from every demographic, and I don’t feel like I deserve it,” he said. “It’s all about building relationships and working together. So many people make up our de­partment, and we are a department within this community, and we work together. The team that is already in place is invaluable in preparing me for this position – all of the people that make up [the sheriff’s office] are so tremendously committed and dedicated, which is something that has been evident for years.”

As the former coroner, and the recently re-elected incumbent some months prior, Reviere admits that he had no intention of ever pursuing the office of sheriff.

“This is not something I person­ally aspired to do, but when mem­bers of the community approached me at Bruce’s memorial service, and of course out of no disrespect to him, they asked me to do this,” Reviere explained. “Even my wife said I should. She was very supportive of the community’s encouragement of me to run, and she told me, ‘You can’t let them down.’”

With the backing and constant support from an unprecedented num­Lincoln ber of individuals in the Lincolnton community, Reviere stepped into the race, explaining that he wanted to be someone that they could “trust to continue Bruce’s legacy.”

“I perceive myself as a public servant,” Reviere remarked, hav­ing given the majority of his life to serving the community, and wearing many different hats to do it.

He has served in the capacity of minister, educator, coroner, as well as in many other outlets, but as the new sheriff he stated, “I just see this as another way to do that.”

Above all, Reviere has promised that he will not divert from sim­ply “being himself,” and that he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“You know, the desk and the posi­tion may have changed, but I’m still me – I’m just Paul,” he said. “I’m extremely grateful to this commu­nity. They’ve been here for me for my entire lifetime, and I need them to know I’m still here for them.”

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