2017-09-07 / News

September is National Preparedness Month

When it comes to emergency and natural disaster preparation, clean, uncontaminated water should be top ­of ­mind. September, which is National Preparedness Month, is an ideal time for individuals and families to make certain that they will be able to hydrate safely throughout the dura­tion of an emergency. Natural disasters, such as tornadoes, ­mise local water sources. Flooding can be especially dangerous, when harmful bacteria and contaminants that transmit life­threatening diseases can be present in nearby waterways. ­ter a number of emergency scenarios, from heavy rains to hurricanes to situ­ations when snow melts too quickly.

“Contamination in fresh water sources continues to be a public health problem domestically and worldwide. During emergency scenarios, the issue ­reliable for consumption,” says Alison Hill, managing director of LifeStraw, a manufacturer of water filtration systems.

Emergency supplies include a portable of popular water bottle brands such as LifeStraw Universal. This versatile remove 99.999999 percent of bacteria and 99.999 percent of protozoa, while also reducing chemicals, bad taste and odors. The LifeStraw Universal kit is available online and at specialty retail stores.­tion technology to give consumers ­gency situation or natural disaster, they can have access to safe water for days, weeks, even months following a situation where their water supply is compromised,” says Hill. While most people don’t like to dwell on worst case scenarios, the right preparation can help you remain healthy and safe during an emergency. This National Preparedness Month, be sure that you equip your family with practical means to have safe drinking water. (StatePoint)

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