2017-08-31 / People

Leathersville News

By Mrs. William Bentley

l Elaine and Raymond Timmer­man came Tuesday and carried me to Augusta for dental surgery. Lisa came by on her way to work. Elaine brought me back home. l Gerald Lawson visited Tuesday afternoon. Nice to have friends. l Anne Wright brought lunch Wednesday. We enjoyed our lunch and her visit. l Lisa and Chuck Mahaffey came Saturday morning and cut the grass and some other things around the house. So glad to see them and re­ally appreciated the help. l Brenda and Franklin Bowick came Saturday. So good to see fam­ily. l Mickey and Murry Norman visited Saturday afternoon. l Lisa and Chuck Mahaffey vis­ited Friday afternoon and Sunday morning. Good to have family members help. l Nancy Bailey visited after church on Sunday. So nice to have friends visit. l Kenneth and Donna Abel spent the weekend with Pam Watson and Preston Jewel. l Mandy and Brad Rogers visited Jan Smalley and A.J. Young, Charles Crawford, Kerry Whitener, and Jan Smalley attended Brandon Dorn­berg’s birthday party on Saturday night.

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