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Georgia DOT issues warning to citizens of potential scam

Georgia DOT has received reports from citizens indicating they have been called by an individual claim­ing to be a DOT employee who threatened to take action against their driver’s license if they did not pay fines over the phone.

The scammers claim that the driver was seen by Georgia DOT traffic cameras crossing the double line to enter or exit the HOV lanes and ask for credit card information to pay for the fines that have been issued.

In an effort to help prevent Georgia drivers from becoming fraud victims, the public is asked to note the fol­lowing: l Georgia DOT does not issue traf­fic citations or fines. l Georgia DOT does not solicit credit card information. l Georgia DOT traffic cameras are not able to see or read license plates nor do they record or save traffic footage. l Citizens should not provide financial information over the phone unless they initiated the conversa­tion.

Those who have received or re­ceive a call of this nature in the future, are asked not share any information, but to report it to the Federal Trade Commission as an imposter scam as soon as possible at https://www.ftc­complaintassistant.gov/#&panel1-1.

Additionally, officials recently reported that 12 of the east central Georgia DOT district counties gained a valuable chunk of recent improve­ment project awards, taking advantage of nearly $30 million contract monies – Lincoln County included.

Six contracts cover the area with bridge rehabs or replacements and also some major resurfacing jobs.

Two connected design-build project awards going to United Infrastructure Group, Inc. totaling over $17 million, will replace off-system, local route bridges in Baldwin, Burke, Lincoln, Warren, and Dodge Counties. Each bridge is limited to a max 180-day closure for replacement. Several other statewide local bridges are included in the overall project.

The district counties and local route locations for each project are as follows: l Baldwin County: Roberts Road over Fishing Creek l Burke County: Quaker Road over Walnut Branch l Lincoln County: Jones Martin Road at Dozier Branch l Warren County: Ansley Road at Long Creek l Dodge County: Milan-Chauncey Road over Sugar Creek

Regarding Lincoln County, $2.27 million contract was awarded to C and H Paving, Inc. to resurface SR 47 for 13.8 miles from the Lincoln County line to south of I-20. The completion date has been set for June 30, 2018.

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