2017-08-24 / People

Leathersville News

By Mrs. William Bentley

l Anne Wright came Monday and brought lunch. We enjoyed our lunch and her visit. She carried me to Augusta for my dentist appoint­ment. So good to have children who can care for you when you get old and can’t take care of yourself. l Elaine and Raymond Timmer­man came Thursday. Raymond cut the grass and other jobs around the house. Elaine carried me to the eye doctor in Augusta. So good to have family to help out. l Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnston of Sylvania visited Friday afternoon. Mrs. Johnston is a cousin of Wil­liam’s. Harold and Claudine Bentley were Beatrice Bentley’s parents. Ev­eryone calls her Bea. Sure was nice to see them, it means so much when family members care to visit. l Lisa Mahaffey and Jordan Cliatt visited with us Sunday morning. Jordan brought her wedding pictures for us to see. We enjoyed their visit and so glad to see the pictures. l Pam Watson and Preston Jewel have been visitors of Kenneth and Donna Abel. l Mandy and Brad Rogers visited Jan Smalley Thursday night. l Judy Whitener visited Jan Smal­ley one day the past week. l David Dukes from Augusta visited Marion Cliatt on Tuesday. l Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Berry, Brooke and Mrs. Margie Berry visited Marion and Hilda Cliatt on Saturday. l Marion and Hilda Cliatt vis­ited her brother Larry McCarty in Grovetown on Sunday. l Mandy and Brad Rogers car­ried the children for a trip the past weekend. They are their nieces and nephews, Lee Quarles, Gracie Rog­ers, Emma Rogers, and Bryan Rog­ers. They brought the children back by Jan Smalley’s Sunday afternoon. They all had a very wonderful time together.

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