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Needle Garden Club poetry contest underway

The Pine Needle Garden Club of Lincolnton, the Garden Club of Georgia and The National Garden Club sponsor both the Middle School Poetry Contest and The High School Essay Contest each year. During the summer the stu­dents are informed of the topic for the contests. This year’s Middle School Poetry Contest topic is: “Let It Grow.”

Contestants may use several types of poetry including: Tradi­tional Verse, Acrostic, Blank Verse, Cinquains, Diamond Poems, and Haiku. The majority of winning poems have been “Traditional Verse or Haiku.” Middle school students, grades 6-8, including special educa­tion students, are eligible.

There are monetary awards for club, state, deep south and national winners. If you can write a song, you can write a poem, so get busy this summer. More information will follow in August at your school. The entries will be due by November first!

Last year one of our seventh grade students won our club contest, the state contest and placed in the deep south contest, Miss Annabelle Rat­liff. One of our sixth grade students won our club contest and placed in the state contest, Miss Ruby Cul­Pine lars Arthur. We are very proud of the success these of these LCMS students!

This year’s High School Essay Contest topic is: “Community Gardens: A Solution for Commu­nity Problems - Blight, Crime and Hunger.” All high school students in grades 9-12 are eligible. A good es­say follows a set pattern: first para­graph sets the topics to be covered in the paper, the following paragraphs explain the research information proving the truth in the set topics and finally, the last paragraph, sum­marizes the set topic information given in the essay. Remember, an essay gives proof that your infor­mation and ideas are true and have research to back them up. I know you are good at making your ideas seem true! All high school students are just full of ideas!

Essays should be 600-700 words in length. There are monetary awards for our club, Azalea District, state: first - $300, second - $150, third - $75. Deep south and national levels also have monetary awards.

Last year our club winner was Miss Zia Williamson. We are very proud of all of our LCHS High School Essay entrants. Get busy now and be ready to turn in the essays by November First. More information will follow in August at your school.

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