2017-07-13 / People

Leathersville News

By Mrs. William Bentley

Last week l Raymond and Elaine came Thursday. They brought lunch and cut the grass and shrubbery. We enjoyed their visit. So good to have children who care. l Chuck and Lisa Mahaffey came Saturday. They cut shrubbery and were lunch guests with us. We enjoy having family to care for us. l Derek, Erin, and Olivia Cooper, and Raymond and Elaine Timmer­man brought lunch on Sunday. We enjoyed our time together. Ray­mond, Derek and Erin took care of some things around the house. So good to have family to help and not forget what we can’t do for ourselves anymore. l Franklin and Brenda Bowick came Sunday afternoon. They brought vegetables from their garden and Franklin also brought fish from his pond. Our family is so good to us. They all are very important to us and do so much for us. l Pam Watson and Preston Jewel were Sunday visitors of Kenneth and Donna Abel. l Donna and Brooke Berry vis­ited Marion and Hilda Cliatt one day the past week. l Marion Cliatt’s friends, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Smith, were supper guests with Marion and Hilda on Friday. l David Dukes visited Marion Cliatt on Tuesday. l Matthew Leech and family are spending the weekend with his mother, Pat Leech. l Judy Whitener and Judy Webb have been visitors of Jan Smalley. l Carla Dornberg and Lee Quar­les were dinner guests on Sunday with Jan Smalley. l Ed and Bernice Cox from Greenwood visited Sunday after­noon. Sure was nice to have family members visit that we had not seen in a while.

This week l Raymond and Elaine Timmer­man came Saturday afternoon and brought supper. We enjoyed our meal and most of all, their visit. l Lisa Mahaffey came Sunday afternoon. So good to see family and know they care. l Nancy Bailey’s granddaughter, Kasside Owens, is spending a few days with her grandmother. l Tim and Pam Abel from Guyton spent a few days the past week with Kenneth and Donna Abel. l David Dukes visited Marion Cliatt on Tuesday. l Clifton, Donna, and Brooke Bailey visited Marion and Hilda Cliatt the past week. l Carla Dornberg, Lee Quarles, and Jan Smalley spent the weekend in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. They had a wonderful time and enjoyed being together.

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