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Hawes graduates from Princeton High will attend Harvard University in the fall

MATTHEW HAWES MATTHEW HAWES Matthew Hawes, the son of Rup­pert A. Hawes, MD and Edwina Jones Hawes, PhD, and the grandson of Al­cye Y. Hawes, DDS, and Mrs. Winnie D. Jones, and the great-grandson of the late Ms. Rupert “MaPert” Hawes, had to make a decision most high school seniors dream of - deciding between which Ivy League school and Stanford University to attend in the fall. The problem, if you want to call it that, was that he was accepted into all of the schools he applied to. That list includes Harvard, Yale, Cor­nell, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, Brown, Stanford as well as Howard University, Duke, and others.

Matthew graduated from Princeton High School in Princeton, N.J. on June 21st, with his grandmother and cousin Delores Parkes in attendance, and was selected by his class as one of the commencement speakers. He gave his speech on the importance of community.

Matthew will be attending Har­vard University in the fall and plans to study as a double major in Pre- Medicine and Pre-Law.

Several things make Matthew so sought-after: he has a 4.26 grade point average. He’s already tak­en a college course in Spanish at Princeton University, through the Princeton Public School system’s dual-enrollment program. He’s well- rounded, serving as the captain of the school’s football team, leading several church and community ser­vice organizations, as well as being a highly valued tutor at a Trenton, N.J. based program that provides academic and cultural enrichment programs to underserved inner city youth.

As an African-American male who speaks Mandarin and Spanish fluently, plays multiple instruments (piano and saxophone), and com­petes as a varsity athlete in multiple sports (football, wrestling, lacrosse and track), he also enjoys a multi- dimensional approach to learning in all areas of his life.

Matthew’s home church, Wither­spoon Street Presbyterian Church, Princeton, N.J. has an annual church service which honors the youth who are graduating from their current level of education. Acknowledge­ment is given to those completing elementary school through graduate school. This is an opportunity for the church community to applaud the efforts and examples of the gradu­ates, as well as for the graduates to be motivated by those close around them. It is also a tradition for the high school graduates who are leaving the membership of the youth ministry to give some inspiring words to the younger members.

Matthew chose one of my favorite quotes as my legacy to the younger members. “Diligence is the mother of good luck,” as said by Benjamin Franklin. Matthew went on to say “My experience in life so far has been that my success was the direct result of tenacity and practice. Therefore I wanted to impart to the youth that if you work carefully and constantly, you will be far more likely to be suc­cessful, and it would appear that good luck had come your pay. Preparation is key to success in whatever you do in life. If you are prepared with whatever skills you have honed then you will be able to take advantage of opportunities as they present them­selves.”

Some of his recent awards include, 2017 Jack and Jill of America, Eastern Region, Distinguished Teen Award; 2017 New Jersey State In­terscholastic Athletic Association, Scholar Athlete Award; 2017 Alpha Phi Alpha, Theta Psi Lambda Chap­ter, Dr. Don Harris Scholarship; 2017 Princeton High School Gold Key Award for School and Community Service; 2017 Not In Our Town: Princeton Unity award for Racial Justice; and 2017 Princeton Post 76 American Legion, Dr. Henry J. Frank Scholarship.

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