2017-06-22 / Front Page

Sheriff announces increase in patrols with ‘Neighborhood Watch’ program

As a part of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office “Neighborhood Watch” program, citizens will now see an increase in patrol vehicles, at a greater frequency, driving through and watching community neighborhoods.

According to Sheriff Bruce Beggs, most of the office’s ve­hicles have newer style emergency lighting,\ which permits deputies to run “steady blue lights” on the ends of their light bars – or the entire light bar – which means the lights do not flash, but steadily illuminate. In regard to this, com­munity members should not be alarmed.

“In addition, you may see depu­ties shining spot lights around and among residences as they patrol,” Beggs said. “The deputies are looking to see if anything is out of the ordinary or needs further investigation.”

The appearance of these vehicles and their lights does not indicate that there is any problem in these community areas, it is merely a means of letting citizens know that the officers are present in their area for their protection and safety, the sheriff added.

“Anytime a resident has a question about law enforcement presence in their area they should not hesitate to contact our com­munication center,” Beggs said. “If there is a potential threat in your area the communications staff will advise you, otherwise they will let you know that deputies are on routine patrol.

“Our mission is to make our community a safer and better place,” Beggs included, noting that this is an endeavor shared by his entire staff.

At any time citizens have ques­tions, the sheriff requested that the communications division (or 911) be contacted. Further information may be attained by contacting the Sheriff’s Office normal business line at 706-359-4118 at any time.

“I appreciates the diligence of our citizens in reporting what they believe to be suspect or irregulari­ties in their neighborhoods,” Beggs further stated, and also thanked the Board of Commissioners for their assistance in obtaining newer ve­hicles with these improved features for the Sheriff’s Office fleet.

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