2017-04-20 / People

Leathersville News

By Mrs. William Bentley

l Anne Wright, Haley Dumpe, Grayson, Reece, and Noah Dumpe brought lunch on Monday. We en­joyed our visit and our lunch. So good to see Haley and our great- grandchildren. l Marion and Hilda Cliatt visited with us Thursday afternoon. So nice to see good friends. l Lisa and Chuck Mahaffey came Saturday afternoon and cut the grass and weed ate around the house. So nice to have someone to help out. l Wayne and Will Bentley from Thomson visited Saturday after­noon. l Murray and Mickey Norman came Saturday afternoon and brought so many good things for us. They are a blessing to so many people. Have been good to us. l Ronald and Audrey Crump’s daughter, Missy, and her children were Easter Sunday guests for lunch. l Matthew Leech and children were Easter Sunday guests with his mother, Pat Leech. l Easter Sunday dinner guests in our home were Dr. and Mrs. Al Wright, Raymond and Elaine Timmerman, Derek and Erin Coo­per and Olivia, Lisa and Chuck Mahaffey, and Ethan and Jordan Mahaffey. l Franklin and Brenda Bowick visited with us Sunday afternoon. l Nancy Bailey enjoyed the weekend with her family in Brasel­ton, Duluth, and Swanee on Sun­day. She attended Chapel Baptist Temple with family and friends. The family enjoyed an Easter egg hunt on Sunday afternoon at her brother’s home in Swanee. l Carla Dornberg had lunch for her and Randy Ganus’ family and friends on Easter Sunday. Charles Dornberg’s family, Jan Smalley, and of course, Randy and Carla’s family and friends. l Chris Quarles and Lee Quarles visited Jan Smalley. Mandy Rog­ers visited Jan Smalley on Sunday. Judy Webb, Jan’s sister, visited on Saturday. l Hilda Cliatt visited her brother, Larry McCarty, in Grovetown on Sunday. l Donna and Brooke Berry vis­ited Hilda and Marion Cliatt on Friday and attended Holy Week service with them.

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