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Boosters will host open house for LCHS students and parents

The Lincoln College Boosters Club will host a free open house barbecue for Lincoln County High School students and parents inter­ested in the Move-On-When-Ready (MOWR) dual enrollment program, which is partnered with East Georgia State (EGS).

The open house will be held Tues­day, April 25, with drop-in hours from 6-8 p.m., at the Curry Colvin Recreation Complex. Community members are also invited to attend, as online, college-level courses are available for anyone to take at the EGS computer lab located within the complex.

“We’re not only trying to encour­age moms and dads to come and see what’s available through the program, but we’re also hoping that members of the community will come and see what’s available for them as well,” Lincoln County School Superintendent Dr. Samuel Light said.

Under MOWR, qualified students at Lincoln County High School are eligible to take free college courses from EGS. Courses are recognized for credit at all other University System of Georgia institutions, and reciprocating university systems nationwide.

Representatives with EGS, as well as current students of the college, will be in attendance to answer any questions that the public may have.

“By holding the open house early, we’re giving tentative students enough time to take the college entrance exam, and we’ll find out how many students to expect so we can then contact the professors and figure out the class schedules,” De­velopment Authority Director John Stone said.

“We’re also trying to find out who would potentially like to take a sum­mer semester, going to school only a couple of days a week; and if we get enough interest then we would have our first summer semester this year,” Stone said.

The goal for the future of the EGS and LCHS partnership is for students to begin taking college courses early enough in their high school careers – allowing the program grow, of­fering even more classes – so that ultimately students can receive their associate’s degree at no cost when graduating from high school.

As far as the community is con­cerned, under the University Sys­tem of Georgia’s innovative Ecore online college courses, any eligible person can work toward an associ­ate’s degree entirely online, without having to leave Lincoln County, and now without needing a personal computer or online access, thanks to the computer lab at the EGS campus facility.

All are welcome to attend the open house and explore the many secondary educational opportunities present.

Boston butts, ribs, and all the fix­ings will be served courtesy of Ben Jackson, Will McWorter, and Gary Edwards.

The complex is located at 1972 Rowland-York Road.

For more information, contact Stone at the Lincoln County De­velopment Authority at 706-359- 7970.

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