2017-03-16 / People

Leathersville News

By Mrs. William Bentley

l Hilda Cliatt came to visit on Monday. Always glad to see good friends. l Anne Wright brought lunch on Tuesday. We enjoyed our lunch and her visit. l Elaine Timmerman came on Wednesday and brought our lunch. We enjoyed her visit and our lunch. l Art and Lois Fizer visited with us on Thursday morning. So good to see friends from the church. l Lisa Mahaffey visited with us on Saturday afternoon. So nice to see family members. l Franklin and Brenda Bowick visited Sunday afternoon. So good to see someone from home. l Marion and Hilda Cliatt attended the band concert at Midland Valley High School where their grand­daughter, Brooke Berry, played clarinet. l Marion Cliatt visited his friend, David Dukes, on Tuesday. l Carla Dornberg honored her uncle, Kenneth Smalley, for his birthday on Saturday night with supper for his birthday. All of his family members were present for the occasion. Everyone enjoyed the occasion and had a good time being together. l Pam Watson and Preston Jewel were visitors of Kenneth and Donna Abel on Thursday. l Joshua and Mickey Rice were visitors in the home of Kenneth and Donna Abel on Sunday.

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