2017-03-16 / News

Newspaper seeks interesting people for future features

In an effort to highlight more people within the community, The Lincoln Journal is currently search­ing for individuals, groups, and oth­ers to feature in the newspaper.

We are searching for anyone and everyone who has a story to tell – no matter how big, no matter how small.

This is open, but not limited to, someone who has a unique hobby or special passion, those who are over the age of 80 and willing to share their memories from times past, home-town favorites, and even those hiding in the woodwork.

Are you the innovative type? The creative type? Are you a survivor? Do you want to inspire other people? Please, contact us.

The goal is to share our com­munity with each other, to preserve what we have, and to archive a few memories for the future, as many unique people have come together to create this space that we call home.

If you feel like you have some­thing to say, or know someone who would fit this description, please email Jane Ellyn Aaron at JaneEl­lyn@wilkespublishing.com. Within the email tell us who the person or persons are, and why you think they’d make a good feature.

For more information, call the Journal office at 706-359-3229.

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