2017-03-16 / Front Page

Newspaper seeks spring break and Masters photos

As a part of the fast approaching spring break and Master’s week, observed by the Lincoln County School system April 3-7, we, at The Lincoln Journal, thought it would be fun to document the various places people choose to go and/or the different activities in which they participate during this annual time of rest, relaxation, and for some, recreation.

To accomplish this, we are asking local residents to send a variety of photos depicting them at their vaca­tion destination or at home enjoying their spring break.

Please email the selfie to journal@ nu-z.net and include the names of the people in the picture, left to right, as well as where the photo was taken, along with a contact number.

We will print as many of the self­ies as we can in subsequent issue of the newspaper.

For more information, call 706- 359-3229.

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