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Commission hears update on Camp Lakeside renovations

Phase I of renovations to Camp Lakeside is in full swing. Shown is the multi-purpose building, which will feature a double gym, a cafeteria, a wrap-around porch, and a stage area that opens to the outdoors. Phase I of renovations to Camp Lakeside is in full swing. Shown is the multi-purpose building, which will feature a double gym, a cafeteria, a wrap-around porch, and a stage area that opens to the outdoors. An update on the renovation of Camp Lakeside was heard at the regular meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners held Thursday, November 12.

As the result of a partnership between the Children’s Hospital of Georgia (CHOG) and the Fam­ily YMCA of Greater Augusta, the Y camp is being transformed into a facility that can accommodate children with disabilities and life- threatening illnesses.

Danny McConnell, president and CEO of the Family YMCA of Greater Augusta, was in attendance at the meeting.

According to McConnell, “This is a $70 million-dollar project, with a 15-year build out. We’ve raised over half of the $6 million that is needed for Phase I.

“We had our groundbreaking in June, and now the main building is going vertical. It will feature a dou­ble gym, a cafeteria that can serve 225 kids, a wrap-around porch, and a stage, which can be opened up to the outdoors.

“There will be a lot of stone work on the structure, so it will fit in nicely with the lake.”

Plans are for the building to reach completion in April of 2016, with Phase I set to open next summer.

As for Phase II of the project, Mc­Connell indicated that it calls for the construction of 15 cabins, a medical facility, and a pool.

He went on to say, “You don’t see many camps with a complete adaptive format, and the few that are designed this way are overrun. When construction is finished, the camp will be a place that all can come.”

The camp is expected to be fully operational in the summer of 2017.

In conclusion, McConnell stated, “It’s important to say that Lincoln County and its citizens are behind us when we are knocking on doors to raise funds for the project.”

In his comments, Wade Johnson, commission chairman, said, “I am excited for Lincoln County, but I’m more excited for the children.”

“Camp is one of those things that sticks with you all of your life,” McConnell added.

In other business, Chairman John­son signed a document proclaiming Sunday, November 22, as Ebenezer Baptist Church “Octogenarians Day.”

The recognition ceremony is being sponsored by the church’s Women’s Mission Auxiliary.

According to the proclamation, the auxiliary plans “to honor octoge­narians (persons 80-89 years of age) of Lincoln County who have lived exemplary spiritual lives; contrib­uted their time and service to their church, family, and community; and played a vital role in painting the face of history at both the local and national level.”

The document quoted Leviticus 19:32: “You shall stand up before the grey head and honor the face of an old man, and you shall fear your God; I am the Lord.”

In further business, the commis­sion:

• Heard Chairman Johnson recog­nize Nancy Bobbitt, who was pres­Vicky ent for the meeting. Bobbitt serves as the senior field representative for United States Senator Johnny Isakson. l Reviewed the OES (Office of Emergency Services) Report sub­mitted by Director Casey Broom, who indicated that ambulance per­sonnel responded to 102 calls for service during the month of October. The average response time was eight minutes.

As for fire and rescue activity, there were three fire calls and no rescue calls. l Heard the Recreation Depart­ment Report given by Director Glen Matthews, who said that Head Start students enjoyed an activity day at the Curry Colvin Recreation Complex on Friday, October 30, and registration is still underway for the basketball season, which will begin in January.

In other items of information, the director said that the department is set to sponsor an adult basketball tournament on Saturday, December 5.

Also, Matthews commended Latrellis Glaze, assistant recreation director, for his help in making classroom and office space avail­able at the complex for East Georgia State College.

“We’re very excited about East Georgia State coming in and using our facilities,” the director said.

In conclusion, he indicated that the rec department is sponsoring fitness classes at the senior citizens center two mornings a week. l Heard the Finance Department Report given by Director Traci Bussey, who said the county is in the midst of a two-week audit.

“Everything is going well, and no issues have been found,” she stated.

The director added that taxes are coming in nicely. l Heard the Public Works De­partment Report given by Director Robby Seymour, who said his office billed 1,432 water customers, 612 availability customers, and 155 sew­er customers a total of $63,399.24 for the month of October.

He likewise indicated that within the next week, roads will be resur­faced under the DOT’s LMIG (Lo­cal Maintenance and Improvement Grant) program. l Heard the Planning and Zoning Department Report given by Direc­tor Seymour, who said his office issued two business licenses last month for a total of $50.

Concerning code enforcement activities, 46 building permits were issued in October for a total of $4,018.90, and 45 building inspec­tions were conducted.

In his remarks on construction in the county, Seymour said, “We have a lot of building going on this year. We’re a little ahead of where we were last year in terms of the tax value of the homes under construc­tion. It seems as if people are more comfortable with the economy.”

l Agreed to bring up the hours alcoholic beverages are sold in county during a work session.

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