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LCHS students will take newly revised PSAT test

Students at LCHS will be taking the newly designed PSAT (Prelimi­nary Scholastic Aptitude Test) on Wednesday, October 14.

Funded by the State of Georgia, the PSAT is a nationwide, multiple- choice test administered to tenth graders across the state.

According to Regina Reid, LCHS counselor, “The test, along with the more rigorous SAT, has been rede­signed so that there is no penalty for wrong answers. Also, instead of five answers to each multiple-choice question, the new PSAT offers only four.”

The revised assessment lasts two hours and 45 minutes.

In other comments, Reid said,

This is a great opportunity for stu­dents to gain some understanding of what it is like to take a critical reasoning test like the SAT. In ad­Lyndsie dition, the PSAT is often used to predict success in Advanced Place­ment courses.”

She went on to add that the SAT has likewise been redesigned. “The new PSAT is comparable to the SAT, except for the fact that the PSAT does not have an essay section. Aside from that, the two tests have very similar content, format, and even scoring.”

Those students who participate in the October administration of the PSAT will receive a detailed “Score Report Plus” in December. The report provides students with a comprehensive skills analysis of their performance and gives them a code, which offers access to a website with additional test informa­tion as well as an interactive career program called “My Roads.”

To prepare for the PSAT, students may view study questions on the College Board website at https://col­legereadiness. collegeboard.org. The information may also be accessed on the school’s website by clicking the “Guidance” link.

Data has shown that, in general, students in Georgia who take the PSAT as sophomores score 50 points higher on the SAT than tenth-graders who did not take the test. Moreover, students who take the PSAT as soph­omores and again as juniors average 150 points higher on the SAT than those not taking the PSAT.

In addition, when a student takes the PSAT as a junior, the assessment is used as the National Merit Schol­arship Qualifying Test. Those who score exceptionally high on the test may be eligible for various awards and scholarships.

Sophomores taking the PSAT do not have to register for the test. Juniors, however, must sign up for the assessment by contacting the school counselor.

For more information about the PSAT, contact Regina Reid at 706- 359-3121.

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