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Roll up sleeves for blood drive at LBC this Sat.

The Shepeard Community Blood Center will hold a blood drive on Saturday, September 26, from 9:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. in the fellowship hall at Lincolnton Baptist Church.

According to Suzanne Fanning, advertising and communications manager for Shepeard, the center is in need of O Negative, O Positive, and A Positive blood.

“Blood donors are encouraged to donate at the blood drive on Satur­day and become a local lifesaver,” stated Fanning. “Shepeard is the contracted provider of blood and blood products in the area, so blood donations stay in the community and help our local patients in need.”

She went on to point out that there are 24 trauma centers in the state of Georgia, and five of those are in this area.

“Since seconds count in emer­gency room trauma situations, emer­gency responders use O Negative blood to quickly save lives. Because anyone can receive this precious gift, O Negative blood donors are needed more than ever in our cutting-edge medical community.”

Healthy individuals, 16 years of age or older and weighing 110 pounds or more, who have not do­nated blood in the past two months, are eligible to make a donation.

Donors are asked to bring a pic­ture ID or donor card with them to the drive.

Parental permission is needed for those 16-year-old donors, who have never taken part in a blood drive.

From beginning to end, it takes approximately one hour to donate blood.

Furthermore, all participants will receive a free T-shirt.

The following Lincoln County residents are to be commended for donating blood recently: Keith S. Etheridge, Jacquenette L. Cullars, Jenna M. Gaillard.

Mark A. Roberts, Jr., John R. Gunby, Ronald W. Harrison, Charles G. Wallace, Alton H. Danner, Jr., Sherry E. McKellar, Jessica N. Rogers.

Joseph D. Simmons, Jr., Brenda T. Leopard, Tammy B. Wright, Jared K. Wright, Dory A. Bentley, Grayson W. Goble, Joyce E. Jones, Tracy D. Hall.

Nancy S. Pund, Debbie D. Rankin, Thomas W. Rankin, Judy L. Cooke, Grant T. Goble, Glen E. Harde­man, Florence B. Dallis, Larry W. Davis.

Martha D. Powell, Casey A. Dion, Linda P. Jones, Claudia A. Wilson, Michael W. Murphy, Deborah M. Dent, Suzann R. Collier, Laura P. Perkins, and Jack G. Smalley.

Shepeard is a non-profit organi­zation regulated by the FDA. The center has been saving local lives for more than 30 years.

For additional information about blood donation, contact the Shepeard Community Blood Center at 1-706- 737-4551 or visit the organization’s website at www.shepeard.com.

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