2015-07-02 / Editorial Page

Did you Know?

(NAPSA)—Skyscanner’s Hotelsapp for the Apple Watch can helpyou find your way back to yourhotel every time you’re out.

It isavailable for download in theApple App Store.


You can get comprehensivetermite protection that’s fast, dis- creet and effective with TerminixCommercial. To learn how to stoptermites from eating away atyour bottom line, call (855) 466- 2578 or go to www.terminix.com/ commercial.


For the past 100 years, peoplehave been focusing on how to helppets, farm animals and wild animalsthrough the American HumaneAssociation’s “

Be Kind to AnimalsWeek.” You can learn how to helpprotect animals for the next 100years at www.


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